Hi All,

I got this message at work today:


For two days this amazing dog was seen along side the road last week with another dog buddy who was too traumatized to be come close.  A kind man finally stopped.  This dog belly-crawled to him and as soon as the man showed compassion the dog ran and jumped in the open door of his truck.  The dog has been stuck to him since.  The dog will not leave his sight or his side.  All attempts have been made to find an owner.  The dog had no collar or ID.  The dog's rescuer says he is extremely smart, very obedient, great with kids and other dogs.  He cannot keep the dog and is desperately trying to find a foster or forever home for him.  The dog is strikingly beautiful, young, neutered and seems to be in good health but for some wounds on his nose and undernourished.   PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS FANTASTIC DOG!  Thanks! Anyone interested can call 417-592-2512 or 417-592-8211.


we're in Springfield, MO (southwest MO)- please let them know if you are interested. We're at maximum animal capacity at my house. 

I'll try to get the photo they sent on here too- sure looks like a cargi!



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If he had a break away collar, this too could have come off.

I 'm sorry I can't be of any help but I am posting so this stays near the top of the forum.  Good luck all you angels!


My computer opened it, he is a beautifl cardi with blue eyes.  He really needs a home, this boy is beautiful.  I live in lower SC so I can not help, but I hope someone snaps this one up.

Hi all,


this was a message that I received about 3rd hand at work.  I haven't heard anything else, but I contacted the "Faithful Friends" shelter (in Neosho MO) today trying to get an update and a better photo.  This cardi-love isn't on their list of available pets on petfinder anymore, so maybe he's got a home?

I'll let you know what they tell me.  I have to leave messages/emails because they are a volunteer organization that doensn't answer the phone much.

Thanks for working so hard for this little guy! Thanks for the update too.

Good News!

from the shelter:


"Thank you for your inquiry.  This sweet dog has been adopted to a wonderful forever home"


thanks to everyone for their happy thoughts!


Yay!  I had to hunt to find this thread so I could check on his status.  I LOVE to hear happy endings and the way people on this site jump into action.  Team Mycorgi.com GO!

I love happy endings too! When I spoke the folks at the shelter, I told them I had posted here - and all the suggestions.

They asked if they could keep my contact info in case they get another corgi, so of course I said YES!






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