My poor Mochi has been itchy for the last 2 months and developed hotspots on all four of her little legs! The vet keeps telling us its seasonal allergies she's on a prednisone regimen but doesn't seem to help and benadryl up to 3 times a day; and every time we take her out for a walk and come back home we need to wash her feet!!! for a while it was working but she keeps occasionally licking and chewing. I can stand it anymore! i feel so bad for her! 

Maybe i should switch vets? it doesn't seem to help much. has anyone else experienced this? I looked on other threads and some say Yeast infections, thyroid problems among other things. I just don't know what to do anymore! 

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Have you tried putting her on a limited ingredient/grain free food to see if that helped at all? A lot of dogs are allergic to something in their food (corn is a big one) which can cause lots of itchies.
She's on Orijen Red's its grainfree but i've been reading if its yeast infection then the potatoes could be bad.
Try Domboro's soaks for the itching. It's a powder you can buy at any pharmacy. You mix it with water and then apply it to the hotspots for about 15 minutes. It's a great, soothing anti-itch remedy. And the itch/scratch cycle is what creates the problem so if you can stop one, you can usually stop the other.
This is ok to use on dogs? I'll see if i can try it... but the hard part will be getting my dog to "soak" in it for 15 minutes.. she's like a cat and hate water.
I know it's OK to use on dogs, because I looked it up and have used it myself. But, you don't have to soak the whole dog. I would use gauze pads or something small, dip them in the soak and apply it to the spots and then used gauze wrap to hold it in place for the 15 minutes. If your dog pulls the wrap off, even getting a washcloth really wet and dabbing it on the hot spot every few minutes over 15 minutes will work too.
If the hotspots are only on the legs, then yes it is very much seasonal allergies and you should wipe Mochi with a damp cloth everytime you come home. It is grass and ragweed season in your area.

If I was in your situation, I would put a cone on Mochi, check each hotspot, if they are open and constantly have moisture, I would shave those area, let it air out and have a chance to heal. I had to go to this extreme once and it speed up the healing.

If it is really food allergy, the hotspots will not be JUST the legs. Some garden pesticides / weed & feed are not good for the dogs skin.
thanks!!! yes Some of her spots are drying out , I have been washing her legs when i come inside from a walk or the park so hopefully it help its just frustrating when she keep opening them up when they are particularly itchy. and giving her benedryl. As for the Cone thing, i just hate to put that on her she seems sooo degraded when i do, but i've put the cone initially to get them mostly healed up.

I want to call the vet again thanks for the info

update on Mochi! Well we went to the Dermatologist and they told us SEASONAL ALLERGIES, and probably to grass too.. WAH what kinda of dog is allergic to grass! but she got put on the potatoe and duck limited ingredient food, and some Genesis spray, which i think helped the most. But it's cleared up! only when we go on walks sometime her feet turn red but i just wipe it down and it eventrually goes away. But there no more hot spots thank god! but it might also be due to the weather. I'm not looking forward to the allergy season this year! 

You can by those booties for their paws also , that might help on your walks and playin in the grass.

Yeah thank you, except Mochi freaked out when i put those boots on her and started walking all funny... ha ha it was actually funny she's super particular about her feet i guess. 

bag balms a good idea only she'd just lick it off is it OK for dogs to eat that stuff?

And I feed Mochi Honest Kitchen, and i actually have done a lot of research on dog food and am very strict with what i give her, she's on the no grain diet. Honest Kitchen is also made in the US from human grade food and they actually have their human QA/QC ppl taste the product before they ship out! 

The olive oil sounds interesting! i'll try it out if the wounds come back right now they seems good and the fur is back! yeah!!

Hi , I'll have to look into that food myself, I like tostay as natural as possible. And yes the olive oil is great cause they can lick that and its great for the skin and coat also. I use it on my dry hands and it works wonderful. I've been feeding Ultra holistic. I had my older corgi on that raw diet, and its true their poop turns white and turns to powder, amazing. Good to hear Mochi's doin good. Hate to see our loved ones uncomfortable.
i am no way a spokesperson for the company but on the box it says it's like inbetween feeding raw and feeding kibble. It's easier than raw but better than kibble


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