HelLo everyone.

Here it is Charlie is finally home. He is doing so great so far. I take him outside every hour to go potty and so far in two days only one little accident happened last night but it was our fault. He tols us that he needed to go but we were not fast enough between the coat and the alarm to turn off. He is eating but not that much but at least he is not starving ! He know already to play fetch and to give back.

Well here is the deal. My wife and I doesn't want to crate him. He will have a room for him when we will be out to work. My wife is a teacher and I'm a sub and we will be gone from 6:40 to 3pm.

Do you have any advice?
Thank you so much.

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Since he is still a young puppy I think it is best you don't confine him to a crate while you are gone that long so locking him in a small room is a great idea. He can not hold it that long at this point so I would confine him in the kitchen (or another room with no carpet) using an exercise pen. Keep a crate in there as a bed, but keep the door off. Place some newspaper or potty pads on the ground in one section of the pen and his bed/crate, water, and toys in another section. This way if he has to potty he can go on the puppy pads and isn't forced to go in his bed. I wouldn't leave him free in a room just yet because you would be surprised what they can get themselves into. They will chew walls, carpets, get into cupboards and drawers, etc. Good luck!

We have an empty laundry room with no furniture on it.
Thank you so much for the advise.

It looks like you are doing a great job already. Go outside after each meal. Mine were not crate trained but I did have the crates if they wanted to go inside. Keep up the good work and post more pictures

I will post soon his housebreaking pictures.


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