I know how to housebreak - I have successfully housebroken Bear, but Goldy is giving me FITS!

1. She poops twice while I'm gone during the day - which is okay because she is alone for quite a long time and she's in a pen with a pee pad, but she doesn't seem to "not like to" - when I come home, she has often jumped in it or walked through it and it's on her paws and on the floor.

2. Her body just doesn't seem to work like Bear's - or any other dog's for that matter. Example: Wednesday - up at 5 (she had pooped twice during the night), short potty break outside, then to eat, then a 15 minute walk. I get ready for work, another quick potty break then into the pen for the day at about 6:45, her pen is attached to her crate. When I get home at 4, she has pooped twice in her pen. I feed her dinner, potty break/walk for 30 minutes and nothing. Later another short walk, about 10 minutes, then another 10 minute walk before bed. NOTHING - then she poops during the night! UGH. She doesn't seem to have the Poop after you eat, system thing down.

She weighs 10 pounds, she's 4 months old - she's getting a half a cup of food in the morning, and a half a cup of food at night. My first concern is that I'm overfeeding her, but when I was feeding her less, she looked too thin, even the vet told me to up her food intake.

Any advice?

Why doesn't she hate pooping in her crate?
Why doesn't she eat, then poop?
What am I doing wrong?

Bear is incredible and has been since the day he came home, any accidents he had were obviously me not reading his communication, once I figured out his signals, we were golden. Goldy on the other hand - can walk for 30 minutes do nothing, then come in the house and poop 10 minutes later.

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Some dogs are harder to potty train. What if you fed her after her 1st potty time and then waited about a half hour to take her out for a walk? This way she may be ready to poop? Just a thought! I know am's can be a rush but I also let mine out 1st thing...feed them and let them about a short while later. She maybe can't control all of this yet. Is she peeing too? Do you take her food away at night maybe you will have to take it away earlier (supper time) and then just make sure she gets some water before her bedtime.
She pees outside, which makes it even more confusing. The other night I fed her at 4pm (I put it down, she eats it and I take the bowl away) and she didn't poop until almost 9pm - but I'm guessing that's because she had pooped all day.

I have tried taking her out by herself and that sometimes works - so maybe it's being out with Bear? Maybe she doesn't focus on pottying when they're out together? I'm thinking out loud here - is it mean to take them both out, let Bear go (he goes immediately) then putting him back in the house? I feel bad leaving him inside and staying out with her...but maybe I'm humanizing him....
I think if you can take her out alone and then add Bear after she goes would be a good way to start as she will not focus on him! Bev brings up a very good point about state "go potty" when she starts! This will not be a forever thing as once she learns you can hopefully get them out together again. I also agree with Bev that some females are slower to learn this...why????
It is helpful to know that females are often slower, makes me feel like less of a goof. This is also the first time I've housebroken a second dog, so I wondered if that might have something to do with it.
Jane, I have always thought this is because the females may have a stronger instinct to clean the nest when they have puppies so may not have such a strong dislike of eliminations as the males. Just guessing though!
That makes a lot of sense! All of my male dogs have been easier to train and some of my females were harder than others...my hardest was my 1st female corgi who I also spayed as she was not a good choice for breeding. My only other thought would be a male vs female anatomy thing!

Does someone else have a thought on this?
4 months is still pretty young. Also, my personal experience with three females is that they are a little slower to potty train. I like going out with them on a leash and as SOON as they start to go say "go potty". It takes time at first but it does train them pretty much to go on command. She has gotten used to pooping inside so probably sees nothing wrong with it. Dogs like us (LOL) poop differently. I think you have two choices: either kennel her and have someone take her out every two hours until she stops pooping in the kennel or continue as you are and hope she matures enough to not like it in her pen. Unfortunately that is when some will start to eat it. Is she getting a long enough walk before you go to work? Exercise really helps most dogs to poop.(30 to 45 minutes)
Good news! We've made some progress! Ms. Goldy had a little upset tummy this weekend, some diarrhea and vomiting, so I skipped a meal to let her body clean itself out. It seems to have gotten her body back on schedule. For the past two days she has eaten and then pooped about an hour later!!!! I think she was just off kilter - like when you work nights and go to days, you sometimes have to go without sleep for a day to get back on schedule. I'm SOOO happy!
Way to go Goldy!
Hooray! I hope the new pattern continues. I think Jack only pooped in the house once, the day we brought him home.
Bear has only done it twice, once the day I got him and then one day when he had diarrhea and couldn't really help it. Oh if only I could say that about Goldy.


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