Hi Corgi friends !

So long story short , I'm a person who LOVE'S to walk. But little Sheldon doesn't seem to feel the same way as I do. I tried to bring tasty treat for the walk , squeak toys, etc Nothing seem to motivate him to walk by my side. He just sniff around or Lay down and doesn't want to follow. I try to take little walks so hes not to tired but doesn't seem to change anything. Tips are welcome ! 

p.s : does it get better as they get older ?
p.s.s : Sheldon is now 4½ month old :) 

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Well he is still young and may just be overwhelmed. However, trying to make the walk fun is a good way to start. Also try to stop and let him sniff occasionally too as that is one of their favorite parts of the walk. I have to say though some corgis are just not that active. My Izzy always drags on a walk and while she will go, it is obvious that she prefers to be home sleeping on the couch.

Maybe if you release a bully or a chicken on him, he might run..... or just drag him along. BAZZINGA!

You might want to give him some time.  We did a lot of training outside with Kabu just for him to get use to being outside.  We also did short walks to start off then it got to a point when he started pulling... then we had to get one of those no pull leash.  But every dog is unique in their own way.

Ziggy is the same. He hates walking. I could walk for hours and hours-and I sometimes do... But Ziggy stays at home, because he hates it

I know that it's my responsibility to make sure he gets exercise.. But it's so pathetically obvious that he wants nothing at all more than to just lounge around at home---unless going for a car ride,---and since I really enjoy my walks, I feel that there's no need to spoil my time (he drags, he pulls, he whines) as well as his-plus then he gets time away from me, and actually misses me, which makes us both happy.

I am going to attempt to ease him into liking it more.. I think a big part of him not liking walks is he is a pretty anxious pup. I assume that he wasn't really out of his yard/house much with his first owners, as he was incredibly chunky back then, and doesn't respond to them well.. Gonna start slow-making him sit outside for longish periods of time and getting him to relax out there-all he wants to do, even in the backyard, is head back inside.. So that's tough for us too... Sitting out there, lotsa treats, belly rubs, etc. Then getting him used to being out in the field across the street with the same positive experiences... Then move up to short walks.. And gradually increase the distances. Probably will be very gradual, but hopefully it will help.

Same way you teach "Come!"?  Make a chase game out of it.  Walk away briskly, clapping hands, "comecomecomecomecome!"

Trying letting him run. Corgis LOVE to run. Actually Napolean would prefer to full out sprint than to just walk along side me. You work him into a little jog or sprint then allow him to take a break by sniffing a bush or grass, then you can go back to running. Although you want to act like there's a HUGE party when he gets his legs moving and if he chooses to stop or when you do stop, don't say anything. Don't praise until you get moving again.


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