How can I tell if my dog was born tailless or was docked?

My corgi has no tail that I can discern - I don't even feel a nub. How can I figure out whether she was born without a tail or was docked?

Her butt never gets into wagging mode at all - I've had her a little over a year. I wondered if maybe that meant she was born without a tail?

I can certainly ask her veterinarian, if he would know the answer...

[Edited to add: I forgot to mention, she is a rescue, so I can't ask her breeder.]

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My corgi also has no tail, no nub, nothing. Her breeder told me that her tail had been docked. Most corgis I've seen have at least a little nub, so my guess is she was docked.
If there's no tail at all, she was almost certainly docked. Natural bobbed tails (which are actually quite rare in Pembrokes) are an inch or two long. Virtually all Pem breeders will dock a natural bob because it's considered to be too long to be attractive.
Waffle also has no tail! He doesn't wag his butt or ANYTHING because of it. I can only sort of see something of a tail when he poops, because his tail would go 90 degrees to get out of the way-- so he has this one little vertebra stick up. It's silly. Chances are, her tail was docked if it's that short.
My adults have no tails and vary from hardly seeing them to a nub that wags 100 miles per hour. All of my pups have tails and except for my 1st litter they keep their great tails (you can see pics on my page) I love the white tip at the end!Actually corgis have very large tails for 1-3 day old pups. My vet was suprised the 1st and only time I had tails docked. So I would also say that she was docked.
Thank you Jane! I always wondered. Lucky has a tiny nub, Sonny has no nub at all. Sonny wags his entire back end, as Jane says 100 miles a minute, it's so cute to see this huge corgi going at it! I was worried when he first came to us, as we once had a manx cat with no tail or nub and going potty was a real issue (I won't expand) Sonny has not had the same issues, thank goodness.
Our Chepstow is a natural, his tail is about 1.5 inches long. His little bob is so cute it really does move. Tenby was docked and just has a nub. It still moves when he is happy. I do have a "butt" picture on my page and you can see Chepstows tail is longer.
I wonder about LO's nub, his is like a little flag waving in the air.
LO's nub sounds like Livvys...there's a show nub and then a short nub. Livvy's stands straight up when she's so cute!
One of mine has no nub at all--docked, I'm sure. the other 2 have about a 1.5 nub so maybe they were docked. All of mine wag whatever they have!
All corgi puppies are born with a tail. It is the Standard for the breed to dock the tail of the Pembrokes (you'll see that Cardigans have their tail - that's what a pembroke tail would look like). It is very typical to see corgis born in Europe with their tails intact - vets there generally won't dock tails, they view it as inhumane. If your corgi has no nub at all, you're means your breeder was an expert at docking tails. More often than not I see botched docking on corgis. Having said all this, I'm starting to see more corgis with their tails and I'm actually growing to like the tails - I may even consider that my next corgi will keep it's tail.
I am not a fan of docking now after having Bootsie for a while. I really think his is way too short that it interferes with his bowels, and it feels funny like dodgy where he was docked. LO has about a 3 inch tail and he wags it furiously going 90 miles a minute and he is able to stick his tail up, when he is running it looks like a little white flag waving in the wind.
I've seen some litters that had pups with little or no tail. Is this a certain line or a flaw of some sort? I thought that some were born tailess..


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