Well, I have been wondering this for a while now. I have recently been trying to get Napolean used to being handled but I can't do that when I don't even know how to handle him myself, physically speaking.

Do you grab them under their stomach so you're supporting their torso? This is the only way I've managed to pick up Napolean. I find that corgis are really top heavy and not all that flexible, which makes picking them up a challenge, as you can easily hurt them by carelessly bending a back leg or something.

Is there a certain way you hold your corgis? If so, tell me or give some tips so I know how and allow him to be as comfortable as possible in my arms (or anyone else's for that matter). Thanks in advance!

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Whenever I have to pick up my corgis, I try to make sure that I support both the front and back end. I'll usually bend down, position one arm under the front legs, and the other arm just under their butt and lift up. I know I read somewhere that long-backed dogs need to be picked up in a way that supports both ends so as to not hurt their backs.  It's a little easier to do with Fences since she isn't that heavy. Tomahawk now goes into position when he knows I'm going to pick him up. It consists of him rolling on his back and kicking me until I either give up or give him a treat.

Yea, that's how I hold Napolean. Haha, corgis don't really like being picked up do they ;)?

Silly Tomahawk, I can just see it!  LOL!  He has probably figured out there is a 50/50 chance he'll get a treat out of it!

Yeah he's a punk. Lately I've been having to keep treats in my pocket when it's poopin' time so that he won't keep me out in the cold for longer than 10 min. I really need to stop that behavior or else I'll catch a cold!

I haven't really thought about how I pick Kota up. Now, trying to think about how I do it... I have no clue. I do support both the front and the rear. Let me pick him up so I can remember how I do it. Ok. I pick Kota up by putting one arm between his two front legs and holding on, and my other arm across his abdomen supporting his back and rear. He is always quite still for me when I pick him up. If i am trying to help him get onto a couch for example and he is hesitant in trying to jump, i just lift his butt up for him by reaching between his hind legs and lifting, as he uses his front legs to walk up. When he is up, he starts using his legs to walk and i let go. I hope this helps. I could see if a friend can video me lifting Kota and post it for you. I think I will try to do that today. 

I just took these pics this week. You can see by the body language what is the best...the one I didn't actually pic Sage up but just pretended and you can see how uncomfortable she is:)

Thanks for the visuals! It's hard to put into words, but this is how I pick up Napolean too. One thing I'm frustrated with about corgis is that they're not flexible at all! Usually you can pick a dog up and cradle him/her, sling 'em over your shoulder, or hold them in front and in back and bunch them into a little ball but corgis are too delicate. I guess I just have to be careful with Napolean...he's so heavy haha.

Franklin is very used to being held so if I bend down and begin to lift him he will jump in my arms. He is 30 pounds but small enough for me to flop on his back and hold like a baby or put up over my shoulder. I think once you get him used to being picked up and carried he may get more relaxed in your arms. Franklin is so floppy I have taught him "bang" in my arms and he will flop over like he died. 


this video was from when he was younger, around 20 pounds, so now if I do this I either sit down or support his hind end more. 

I had a lady at work pick up one of mine and try to set the butt on her lap...bending their butt doesn't work for mine. The dog yelped:( Mine are fine with having me pick them up on their backs BUT they have to be straight.

These are such excellent pictures. I nominate this thread for inclusion in the FAQ.

Ditto to what Tomahawk and Fences described. Now, whenever I make the move to pick her up, she helps by jumping into my arms and I secure her with my forearm under her butt. She seems comfortable and content looking at the world from my height!

Yea, thanks. I'm actually trying to teach that to Napolean which is why I posted this. I didn't really know if there was any other way to hold a corgi comfortably but I guess not :P I just have to be alive and ready to catch him in this one and only position without hurting him on accident!


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