I know indoor cats sleep 18 or so hours a day, and Waffle seems to sleep just as much!  What is the average number of sleep hours for a healthy corgi?  He sleeps a lot and I want to be sure it isn't out of boredom.  It's been hot recently (90 degrees at 11 PM) and I can't exercise him the way I want to.  I still play with him inside, but that's not very tiring. With all his sleeping, I've just begun to wonder how long they're supposed to sleep!

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Keke too rest a lot nowadays. On and off I will call n see whether she is still alive, just kidding. Of course she will 'look' when someone passes her or the opening sound of her food drawer.
I love it when they look when they're napping because sometimes they'll just slam their head back down as if it doesn't hurt. So every now and then you'll hear this dull THUD when one of them has flopped back down. My friend got a kick out of it during camping when Roxi would do it.. *looks up* *checks around* *THUD* *dead dog*
The look up is really cute. Casey does this a lot when lounging on her dog bed by the deck doors and I come downstairs. She lifts her head to see what I'm doing, and after deciding that it's not worth her time, plonks her head back down on the bed, lol. She's totally thinking: "I can't be bothered with YOU, I'm going back to napping."
I still think it's hilarious, honestly. xD
Waffle will be sitting with me on the couch and I'll call his name, he'll pick his head up and see there's no food involved, then thud back to his original position. I do it for the laughs.
My older two do rest a lot but I see times durign the day when they are deeply asleep, legs twitching and eyes rolling under the lids so I assume they dream. the new puppy doesn't count since he sleeps a lot at 7 months. ANd they sleep from 11-6, too, seldom moving around. They have bed privileges...puppy is still in a crate at night.

During the hot weather, they are outside from 7-noon and then out again for a few hours after 6 p.m feeding. They do seem to sleep all afternoon. What I also find interesting is the way they will position themselves on our shady terrace: each will sleep, stretched out on his side, but they are in a perfecct triangle shape relative to one another, about 10 feet apart with the #1 dog up on the top of the concrete steps. They seem alsmost perfectely equidistant!


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