I just took Herky to the vet. The vet has a program that tells you how much he should weigh, how much to lose, what to feed him to reach goal, and how long it will take. I actually thought he looked like he had lost weight recently as we have been really watching how much we feed and cutting treats down. He weighed 34 lbs, which was 4 lbs MORE than his last visit in September! The program says he should weigh 21 lbs. That seems sooo small! Mia is smaller and shorter so I can't imagine what they think she should be! Has anyone else heard of this program? How much does your Corgi weigh?

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It really depends on the size of the individual Corgi but I think for a 'standard' male, he should weigh 25 to 30 pounds while a female should weigh 23 to 28 pounds (again, it really depends on your own Corgi because some of them can be bigger or smaller than the average, right?). My little guy gained a whopping 7 pounds in one year but the vet attributed the majority of that as going from late puppy stage to adult stage (from 25 pounds to 32 pounds). The vet did say my Corgi is a little bit on the larger side so I shouldn't be too worried but that if should start watching the diet and if we can get him down to about 30 pounds, that would be good. Basically, the vet said if you can feel the ribs of your Corgi fairly easily, you're ok. If you have to really feel around for them, then it's time to put them on a diet.

My corgi just turned 7 months and and was weighed in at the vet yesterday at 25 pounds, that sounds like too much but he is just solid, not chubby at all. I think it just depends on their build.

Max weights 37 lbs.  Sounds like a lot but he is a big boned guy and the vet is happy with his weight considering when we got him he was 54 lbs.  Looked like a pot bellied pig with a corgi head.  We probably gave him an extra 5 years by undoing what his previous owners did to him.  I've kept him at that weight for years now and he is a happy, running, herding cats, chasing balls almost 11 year old corgi.

We also have his niece from the same breeder (Max was a rescue returned to his breeder) and she goes 27 lbs.  She looks tiny compare to him tho.

So it depends on your dog's bone structure...there are little ones and there are the big boys (or girls).  Not sure I would put any faith in a machine..it doesn't take into account the actual dog only what it "should" be.

Linus is about 26 pounds. The vet commented that he looked "lean" for a corgi when he was neutered at the beginning of the month, when he turned a year old. I think he looks fine, you can feel his ribs, but can't see them (he has a nice layer of meat on him).

25 pounds. A good weight for her. Lean, visible waist, but not scrawny. 

Oscar weighed just under 20 kilo's before his tooth extraction and 2 weeks later he is 17.2 kilo's he is a big boned boy my opinion is he now looks too thin but my vet read me the riot act about his weight I think if he loses anymore he will look like a refugee from Somalia!.

Height (from ground to highest point on withers) should be 10 to       12 inches. Weight is in proportion to size, not exceeding 30 pounds       for dogs and 28 pounds for bitches. In show condition, the preferred medium-       sized dog of correct bone and substance will weigh approximately 27 pounds,       with bitches approximately 25 pounds. Obvious oversized specimens and diminutive       toylike individuals must be very severely penalized. Proportions--Moderately long and low. The distance from the withers to   the base of the tail should be approximately 40 percent greater than the distance   from the withers to the ground. Substance--Should not be so low and heavy-boned as to appear coarse or   overdone, nor so light-boned as to appear racy.

Mine all stand 11 inches or less and weigh 24-29#'s. Bone structure is what I would call "normal" not too big or small. There seems to be more and more LARGE corgis over the last few years.

My rule of thumb is you should easily feel the ribs...I know people that think their corgi is "OK" when actually they are fat. Someplace on this site their are pics and a good explanation from Sam.

It is possible for a small Corgi to go only 21 pounds, but that would be unusual.  Especially for a male.

I looked at your photos and I would say that I agree both should lose some weight, but I'd be surprised if 21 pounds is a realistic target.  I'm not sure how a program could tell you what a dog should weigh.  Corgis are dwarfed dogs, of course, so they have no leg and are a much bigger dog than most dogs of their same height and length.  A similarly sized Sheltie would typically weigh a good 7 to 10 pounds less than a Corgi, for instance.  

I would not go by a computer generated number to target my own ideal dog's weight, but that number would make me take a closer look at my dog....   You should be able to feel the dog's ribs and backbone with a little padding over them, but not so much that you have to hunt to find them.  Standing and looking down at your dog, you should be able to detect a definite tuck-in at the waist, between the end of chest and the hips, in other words a waistline.  If the top of your gog is flat like a coffee table, your dog is in trouble. These guidelines apply to most breeds and mixed  breeds. If your dog has a lot of coat your eyes can fool you, but your hands will not. When in doubt, a bit less weight beats a bit too much.

Puppies and old dogs may need to be assessed somewhat differently.  Puppies go through different growth stages and old dogs tend to shift where their weight is carried.

My (female) Ein is at the top of the height scale - about 12 inches and hovers around 28-30 lbs at 3 yrs. If you are doing any activity with jumping/turns (like agility, herding, flyball) you really want to keep the weight down to avoid injuries. I got yelled at by my herding instructor - we took about 3 months off and she says Ein has gotten chubby (or rather "really filled out"). Ooops! Time to up the walks and cut down the treats.
My corgi, Edwyn, weighs right around 30 pounds. He is 12 years old and the vet says he is in great shape. Vet also said the same thing that someone else posted - you should be able to feel his ribs fairly easily.

It depends on the build of the Corgi. Our smaller, more fragile Corgi, weighs 30 pounds after having lost 4 pounds. "Tank" has a much stronger and larger build. He weighs 35 pounds and he looks healthy and lean.


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