I just took Herky to the vet. The vet has a program that tells you how much he should weigh, how much to lose, what to feed him to reach goal, and how long it will take. I actually thought he looked like he had lost weight recently as we have been really watching how much we feed and cutting treats down. He weighed 34 lbs, which was 4 lbs MORE than his last visit in September! The program says he should weigh 21 lbs. That seems sooo small! Mia is smaller and shorter so I can't imagine what they think she should be! Has anyone else heard of this program? How much does your Corgi weigh?

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My 13 year old Bear is 27 lbs., 11 year old Tasha is 23 lbs. and the wild child Linus is 24 lbs.  They all have lovely waists (you can only see Linus' when he's soaking wet) and I can tickle their ribs.  Dr. Bates says my pet quality threesome are an solid example of good exercise, judicious feeding and itty-bitty treating.  They are the joy in my life! 

IMO it really relates to the size and build of your corgi. Frosty is just inside the top of the standard for size, and he always hovers around 38-40 lbs. Sounds HUGE for a corgi, and you'd think he'd be a chunky fatty butt, but here's a side shot, and he looks good. We can feel his ribs easily, exercise him regularly, and watch his treat intake.  I would rely more on a human's opinion (the vet) of your dog's weight status than some computer program.  What was the vet's opinion on his weight?

(I know I am talking Cardi here, not Pem lol, but the point was, every corgi is different ;)

The Hills website has a great program for ideal weight and achieving weight loss. It is for their new diet Metabolic Advanced but can be used with any food. Here is a link: http://www.hillsvet.com/ you have to sign up (I don't remember if I signed up with my vet I worked for or not) and it will give you guidelines for how to take various measurements of a dog or cat and you pick a body score and it calculates how much they have to lose and will create a graph for how long it should take the weight loss to occur. It is a really amazing program. Franklin weighs 29 pounds right now, 21 does seem to be a bit light for a corgi but what I tell my clients (I am my vet's weight loss coach) is to shoot for about 5 pounds and see what they look like at that point and go from there. Its really hard to pick an actual weight to shoot for because muscle weighs so much more than fat. 

yes, this is the program my vet used. ever since Mia hurt her leg they have gotten much less exercise so I know that is why he has gained. now with his foot also hurt it has been trying to get exercise but not enough to aggravate his leg.

Regi is just under 9 months old and weighs a little under 25lbs. He looks good--healthy but not skinny. He's definitely solid but he doesn't look bloated or unhealthy. I imagine he will gain another 5lbs before he's "full grown" since his dad was so massive, but maybe not. 


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