If anyone has read my profile, you know that I got Haley from a breeder that was going to have her put to sleep because she was "small" and was of no use to her. She tops out at 13 lbs as of last vet check. The vet is astounded because shes like a mini corgi. Ive tried to see if there are mini's as there are in many breeds and I can't really find anything. From what Ive read most corgis are in the 25-35 lb range right?

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ok ok 17 lol

Did this to show the difference in our dogs height and the 3+ ft of snow we got last winter.

Hi Angela, You can check out my pics of Emma. She will be 3 in June and weighs 17 lbs. Weighed 17 before having her pups in March. She was the 'runt' of the litter and is PRECIOUS! She is the best dog I've ever had! I am so glad we decided to breed her. She has done a magnificent job - and Tucker has been great too. He is the same weight at 1 year old now. It will be exciting to see how he grows more over the next year. I guess the size and weight only matters in the show ring. They are all the best pets!! Enjoy your Haley!
I would have loved to breed her but that mean breeder wouldn't allow her to live if they didn't fix her. I love her she is so funny I adore her.
Eddy was the smallest in his litter and he weighs 23#
Gromit's the opposite of your Haley. He's just turned 7 months old and is 29lbs. And believe it or not, he's a little thin, his breeder has suggested increasing his food. Gromit is very happy about that!
I have a female who is 20 months and weighs 17 1/2 pounds.. and about 11 inches from shoulder. She may fill out some but I don't think she will get to 25 lbs! Here she is next to a friend's monster shepard!
Oh Haley looks a lot like my MIKA!! Cute!!
Howie weighs 31.8 but he's a mix, so that probably throws it off a bit. I'm wondering if maybe your corgi could be mixed with a smaller dog? but in reading what everyone else has written about their small corgis, maybe not! As long as the vet says your corgi is healthy, I don't think it matters what the weight is. Enjoy her!
Ours is 21 lbs. and we think he's small. We asked our vet why they vary in size and he said its just like people. People range from different sizes and weight so why wouldn't animals. So it sounds like it could be a genetics thing to me.
My puppy is 5 months and she is only 11 lbs. She has seemed to stop growing and our vet said she might top at 15 lbs. Both of her parents were 20 lbs and she was the littlest to start off with so shes gonna be tiny too. We put up a fence in our yard and she can fit through the slats so we had to put chicken wire at the bottom hoping to take it off when she gets bigger but shes not getting bigger. :)
You are so lucky! I have always wanted a small corgi (I like to refer to them as pocket corgis) Our "big boy" weighs in at 43# and getting bigger (he is on a "diet" but I catch him eating plants in the yard, and compost or in the garbage if he can get it!). Or petite boy is 32#, and perfect for his body, he is the one that needs the cart. I think you have to look at their body, just like we do with people, and judge if the weight is right for their body structure. I cannot believe that a breeder would euthanize a puppy for their size.
She's adorable and runs the house


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