We've got 11 year old Joey on 1 cup a day. He's 34# with moderate exercise. We feed him half cup of dried Kirkwood senior food mixed with Party Animal organic food and green beans twice a day.

curious about other Corgi owners?

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Mine shows on the page. With yours it shows as a link that I need to click on, and then it opens in the browser. Not sure why the difference.

And yes I uploaded this one from my computer directly, but I've also linked to photobucket and had it show directly in the thread.
Oh, I do see yours are under 200k as well.

They show up almost like an attachment would in an e-mail. Hmmm.
Test: I selected "attach file" instead of the camera icon. Sorry for cluttering up your thread so much, Joey.

Edit: Ok, that's what does it. If you "attach file" it shows as a link. If you click on the camera icon, it shows in the body of the response.

The non soft fluffy wubbas last a good long time, and loki is good at breaking toys also. Ours was like a coarse denim, still in action albeit starting to get some punctures, had it about 4 months.

Our boys are 3 and 4 and they both weight about 34#. They get 1/2 cup dry morning and night plus a spoonful of wet at night. They are very active, swim in the lake daily and run around all the time. They are very muscular, does the old saying that muscle weighs more than fat apply to dogs?
Tallulah is 9 months old and around 22 pounds. She gets 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup for lunch and another 1/4 cup for dinner and she also gets treats. She loves frozen bananas too!
I don't think you can go by weight. You really have to look at the dog. I feed 1/2 cup twice a day with some veggies thrown in a dinner time. Mine get a minimum 2 (usually more) half to one hour walks a day also. Sometimes Izzy gets a little less because she tends to put on weight even though she is much younger. (she is a couch potato) I go by how they look at the withers. If they start to lose the indentation I cut back for a while. My hubby loves to feed them snacks so we have to watch that. They are probably like people in that as they age they need less to keep the weight off. Although Sparty is ten and stays pretty slim but he is just now slowing down to normal activity level. He used to drop his ball down the stairs so he could chase it ! It is better to be a little on the light side than over for many health reasons even though it is tough since they are always starving.
Have you had any other issues with Spartan. Joey is 11 and he limps but is on Maxacam.
Sparty has had a lot of health issues! Allergies (he gets an allergy shot once a month), Partially tore his ACL a couple of years ago but does pretty good as long as we don't overdo activities, and he has anxiety issues too. We have medicated for the arthritis but I fear that it just makes him overdo it and we really don't want the ligament to tear all the way. He would be a terrible candidate for the surgery. When he was young he tore a toenail off while racing around the house. It damaged the nail bed and ever since, he has a nail tear about once or twice a year. This is very painful for him (imagine tearing your nail and having to have the rest of it pulled off) and has made him a real mess at the vet's office. Anyway, he does pretty good all things considered. Also, his intense love of nylabones cracked one of his molars and wore most of the enamel off his back teeth. He has always been a "fast lane" type of corgi but we love him.
Hardy is 4 or 5 years old. He gets 1/2 a cup of Taste Of The Wild twice a day. He weighs about 33 pounds. I think he gets moderate excercise, and I don't count his tearing around the house chasing our black lab/border collie mix a part of the excercise. That's entertainment! We call him a wwf wrestler, since his favorite move is jumping on the chair and diving on top of the border collie!

Our vet check yesterday said that he is the perfect weight based on his size.


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