We've got 11 year old Joey on 1 cup a day. He's 34# with moderate exercise. We feed him half cup of dried Kirkwood senior food mixed with Party Animal organic food and green beans twice a day.

curious about other Corgi owners?

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Mine gets 1/2 cup a day, and a kong toy with some treats and kibble inside.
You can check my pictures to judge if she is overweight or wasting away. ;)
Bear gets a half a cup twice a day - and lots of treats, we feed him Iams and he gets Iams puppy treats. He's active right now since I am home for the summer (I'm a teacher) but when school starts he'll be in his crate more and get most of his exercise in the evening after we get home from work.

He's 6 months old and weighs 20 pounds.

How cute!! He looks fabulous. Must kill Dora! Haha.
cute. We call our Joey "bear" too.
That's dangerous. They're going to get fat.
Maybe you can buy one of those food scoopers with measurements on it. I didn't know they existed until I found it while browsing some pet store! Before, I was guesstimating how much 1 cup of food was.
All my adults get 1 handful(about1/3 cup) 3 x's a day of corn free Premium Edge... with an egg,yogurt or veggies a few times a week. They all weigh between 26 and 30# and get lots of exercize. I often get the comment when I have my dogs along that it is nice to see a corgi that's not overweight. I do have a spayed female that gets plenty of exercise but is just on the edge of being overweight.
We feed Joey "party animal". Paris Hilton feeds her dogs the same stuff. We got it from our vet here in L.A. Mixed in with dry food. But we're careful he doesn't get a bunch of grain filler.
While I agree Joey might lose a couple pounds, he does look pretty happy and healthy for an 11-year-old.

Poor Wubba! We thought Wubba looked so cute in the pet store. We got Jack Wubba. He destroyed the soft covering in about 10 minutes, and as he hates plain Kongs it was then useless. :-(
Wonder why my pictures don't show up like yours do. All I see is an icon. Wonder if they're too big. Joey loves Wubbas. They're good for his herding instinct. Seek and destroy. They're pretty durable. But he's an old boy. He use to go through squeaky tennis balls like crazy.
You can do two things when you click the picture icon: click "upload" and then do the pic directly from your harddrive, or click on the http and paste in the direct web address from a photo-sharing site like photobucket.com.

I do usually resize my photos for web, though, at 640 x 480. It makes them load faster, and they are usually only a 150k or so. So the size might have something to do with it. I'm sure Sam Tsang could answer that.
Did you upload yours? Because I can see it in on the page. Can you see ours or do you have to download?


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