We've got 11 year old Joey on 1 cup a day. He's 34# with moderate exercise. We feed him half cup of dried Kirkwood senior food mixed with Party Animal organic food and green beans twice a day.

curious about other Corgi owners?

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I just came on to post this exact thread but you guys are way ahead of me!!!
Mickey is eating half a cup in the morning and half at night. He is 9 months and 16.5 pounds (I know I know..small guy....) Does this seem like too much food (still on puppy food) to you guys? Or too little? He always seems hungry which i know is a corgi trait ;) But it had me a bit concerned I am not feeding him enough!!!
A 9-month old will typically look a bit lanky and gawky (he might not have grown into his ears, say, or his back may look a bit long). However, he should not look overtly thin.

You ought to be able to feel ribs with gentle pressure, but should not see them. There is no "right" amount to feed a dog. Each dog burns energy at a different rate. Morever, some high-quality foods are around 500 calories for one cup, and others are as low as 350 for one cup. Obviously that would make a huge difference.

Most Corgis always seem hungry! LOL With a Corgi, you must go by how they look and not their appetite, but those stubby legs sure make it tough to judge sometimes. And you can't just judge by weight, either. I just showed a breeder a pic of Jack at his current weight and she says he's fine, but if you saw Sam Tsang's pictures of his two new rescues at the same weight as Jack, they are clearly a bit tubby.


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