I've heard and read that you should keep a dogs nails short enough that you don't hear them clicking on the floor.  If you hear them clicking they are too long and the nails can interfere with correct posture and add to the feet splaying.  I've watched lots of youtubes on how to cut them.  This is the one I like the best:   http://susangarrettdogagility.com/2013/08/cutting-your-dogs-nails-h...

So, since watching this I've really stepped up my effort in trying to get Jeli's nails so they are short enough to not make a sound on the floor.  I've trimmed them regularly since she was a wee pup and for the past 5 months or so, I've been trimming them once a week.  I follow clipping with a rough emory board and file them down smooth and as close as I can get.  The idea is to get the quick to recede, then you can trim them back shorter the next time.   I've never been able to get the quick to recede!  I know that I'm cutting them as short as possible without 'quicking' her.  Her nails are clear/white so the quick is easy to see and I'm right on the edge of it.  But it just wont recede, and so I can't get her nails any shorter.  I also take her for daily walks on pavement and concrete - that is suppose to help file them down too, but I don't see it making any difference.    Does anybody have any advise on something else to try?  Or maybe corgi's nails are just different and you can't actually get them that short? 


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My own opinion is that advice (which I've also heard) is totally inaccurate. Maddie's nails have always clicked. Jack's click and his front are so short from pavement that they are to the quick most of the time.

We had Maddie at the vet, clicking nails and all, and the vet commented without prompting that her nails are "nice and short."

Dogs have different pad shapes. Some have tight, upright paws with high nail beds. Others have flatter feet. I have looked at pictures of dogs' nails that were the "correct" length online, and read the description that they should not click, and could tell just by looking that those very nails would click on hard floors.

So if they are short, don't worry that they click.

Similar experience here: asked the vet to trim Cassie's nails, thinking "click" meant too long, and was told her nails were just fine and didn't need to be shortened.

Cassie has the morning Ball Chase in the driveway when we go out to pick up the paper. This is pretty vigorous and almost certainly grinds her claws down. And we walk around the neighborhood a mile or two a day. Probably steady walking on concrete or asphalt helps to keep claws in shape.

We have 2 corgis, Chepstow gets his nails trimmed every 2 weeks.  They grow so fast, if only my nails were like that. Our other boy Tenby needs a trim every 4-5 weeks.  They are rarely on concrete and live on grass and hardwood floors. Tenby falls asleep during trimming and Chepstow acts like a big baby.

Agree with Beth.  Do what is reasonable and forget what "experts" say.  As seen on the stickers of new car windows " your mileage may varie" :-D

I have to agree with Beth...every dog is different.  Mine are done normally every 5 weeks when they go to the groomer. They go that often because Max is a fluffy, I like his to coat to reflex that he is a fluffy but have it neat.  The first time I tried cutting Max's nails on my own after a lesson from my daughter who worked for a groomer I managed to cut the quick on one of Max's darker nails.  I have been terrified to do it again but I tried it yesterday.  It's been so cold here and he is always so damp when I pick him up that he is well overdue for a grooming but his nails needed trimming.  After trimming them I actually heard his nails click more on the floor then before, Katie's too.

see the nail-trimming FAQ

I cut Ace's weekly. His nails would be atrocious if I left them any longer! He clicks within a day or two of having them done, but I go by the "look" rather than whether or not they're making noise against the floor. When there's a sizeable chunk out from the quick, I know it's time for a trim.

Bogart gets a monthly nail trim at PetSmart - he doesn't mind when they do it but he won't let me! Anyway, his nails are nice and short but they still "click" on our hardwood floors.


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