Dexter will get his 3rd set of shots on Saturday, at 13 weeks. He has been restricted to our house and private backyard. With my 4 year old, Sadie, we waiting until after the 4th shot at 16 weeks; and took her to training at that time too.


Online it says he is able to go outside after his 2nd shot. What's everyones opinion on this? How old was your dog when they first went outside or on a walk?

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All my puppies started leash training at 8 weeks, by going around the block in a suburban, low traffic neighborhood.  They had their first puppy shot and we were not in a high Parvo area. I would not recommend puppy classes earlier than 12 wks and the third shot and I would only enroll somewhere where shot records are checked.  If the puppy is well socialized, it will not hurt to wait on the puppy class until 16 wks, but early socialization to people and different safe places/situations is important before that age.

I think we only waited until after the second round of shots, but honestly if I got another puppy I wouldn't wait at all.

I wouldn't take him to a dog park or anything obviously, but definitely get him out into some new places. The socialization period is not very long, so you want to get him to experience as many new places/people/etc before that window closes. I'm pretty sure the AVMA recommends socializing as early as possible, because the risk of behavioral issues due to lack of socialization is more of a risk than parvo in most casees.

Amen!  Unfortunately, some of the Vets don't get this....

The weighing of risks is up to you, but the socialization window closes at between 14 and 16 weeks of age. If you wait til you get all puppy shots, it is too late to socialize.

Jack only had three sets of shots, his last at just under 14 weeks. He had his second set of shots at around 10 weeks and within about a week of that we had him out and about all over the place. Just avoid putting him on the ground in areas where there are lots of dogs with questionable vaccination status.

Here's a good overview of immunity from vaccines. It does not work how most of us (including me) always thought it worked. Basically ONE vaccine gives immunity, but maternal antibodies can interfere with the vaccine response, so we give a series of vaccines over several weeks to minimize the window where maternal antibodies are too high to allow the vaccine to work, but too low to protect from disease:

Having lost two corgis to parvovirus several years ago, I wouldn't risk bringing your puppy out before the last series of shots. But that is probably me being an overprotective mommy after losing two the same day. Socializing is definitely important, but if you are in a high risk Parvovirus area, I would wait if possible. Parvovirus can be carried on wild animals, tires, shoes, etc... So nowhere is 100% safe. It remains in exposed areas for YEARS and takes bleaching to rid it from an area. I bleached my yard 3 times over a year before ever letting my remaining corgi in my yard, and before thinking of getting another puppy. It is just terrible!


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