Florida corgi VS Toronto Raccoon


I have a stubborn raccoon that camps out on my 2nd floor balcony, it keeps coming back every other night and causing the corgis to bark in the middle of the night. I had a talk with the condo management and they said animal control will not come out, the only thing they suggested was pouring "bleach" around the balcony. The balcony have no trash, food or plants, so most of the internet suggestions do not apply to my situation. 

Vienna: "Open the gate dad, it's an oversize squirrel!" 


The racoon is quite bold, it will not back off, when I use a broom to "sweep" him off, it growls and hold his ground. The corgis can bark all night long and he will not move an inch away from the sliding door. The only thing that "worked" so far is a water squirting bottle, it'll move but only to crawl to my next door neighbour's balcony.

Notice how FAT this raccoon is?


When the "coast" is cleared, he'll climb back :(


Raccoon: "curse you! I shall return!"


Any ideas?




"Randy" the raccoon crossed the rainbow bridge tonight, he was hit by a car earlier this evening, I picked up his body and lay him on the sidewalk :( 


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I don't really have any suggestions ( I do like Melissa's), but I would be worried that this raccoon is running around in broad daylight and is not afraid of humans or dogs, makes me wonder if it could be sick or rabid. We live out in the country and if our neighbors see raccoons or opposums out during daylight hours they are normally shot since this is not a normal behavior and everyone in the area has livestock and no one wants to take any chances of them being rabid or sick. Good luck getting rid of your bandit.

Beth, Toronto is a little bit different in the sense that it has one of the largest raccoon populations of any city in North America, and with summer over, they’re looking to move into attics, sheds, chimneys, and anywhere else they can find a warm, dry space.


Sam, here is a link from the Torontoist with a few tips on how to help and survive the racoons, some have been mentioned, some have not. :)



Awesome! Thanks!
I heard about that too, my condo backs into 147 acres of Sunnybrook Park (1/5 size of central park)

We have alot of raccoons up here on the mountain and as adorable as they are, they do have rabies here and are AWFUL about killing chickens.  Anyway, my friend down the road was fed up after losing 5 chickens in one night so she set out a Havahart live trap baited with peanut butter and apples.  She caught him the second night and he was rehomed in a wild area many miles away.  His lady pal was also trapped and rehomed to the same place. 


You look like you're in a town/city area so I would call animal control first, though.  But if they can't help, trapping in a live trap worked pretty well for us.

I hope you'll keep us posted. Can you trap him and then transport him outside the city?  If there are many raccoons in the city, maybe there's a small business that would help you take care of the problem. What a hassle! One of the obedience trainers that i worked with had a corgi that was drowned in a low sided stock tank by a racoon.  I agree they can be dangerous
lol that's a very cute-looking raccoon.
Yep. Raccoons are cute like skunks are cute.
that is too funny Julia :)

Buy some dog repellant spray (Large bottles of concentrated pepper spray).

When you see the raccoon next spray it. The Raccoon will recover, but will probably not come back. Then clean anything the repellent touched very well before allowing the dogs out there.

Yikes, that sounds painful.
Under normal circumstances that should work, my university roommate set one off in the cafeteria years ago, the whole place had to be evacuated :) Unfortunately my condo is on the 2nd floor and surrounded by young families with toddlers with their windows open :(


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