Hello Corgi Fam bams!

my male corgi momo, is awesome with WALKS... but have your dogs ever "herd" you while you go out running/jogging??

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go jogging with my corgi.  He's 7 months old now... it might be too 'soon' for him to go jogging, but i'd like for him to learn to jog nicely next to me.  

How did you teach your corgi to not "herd/nip/pull" at you while you jog/exercise with the corgi??  

i dunno if it's just him being scared that i'm running away from him and he doesn't want to be left alone and can't catch up to me and trying to stop me from leaving him.  He hasn't nipped me in a long time, not since he was a waaaaay pup, but when i do pick up jogging or speed walking, he pulls at my pants to stop me and looks around cautiously as if something is OUT THERE. 

Anyhow... hope to hear back from you experienced corgi owners. :D


Frapping out! LOL.

-- Momo's Mom

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You can teach your young one not to heard, but once the behavior is curtailed you may very well not be able to get it to resurface.  So he own't tattle if the kids are not where they are supposed to be or herd small children away from the pool...you will loose all the herding tendencies.  

Have you been working on heel when you walk?  If so you will have to get the dog moving ahead of you .  Begin the jogging motion but don't go fast yet.  When he comes back to protect (nervous looking about) and then tries to slow you down (herd you).  he is doing what is instinct to many corgi's.  You will use a rude noise and push him away.  I use the rude noise as the stop for any kind of training.  encourage him to run ahead.  Be firm and consistent.  Keep fake jogging.  It will take time to train this out.  Each time he starts to do the "herding thing" use the rude noise and tell him NO...bad dog. Push him away if necessary.  then encourage him to run on ahead.  When the light does come on it will not be the last time you have to remind him not to herd you.  But as time goes by he will need less and less reminding.  make sure you have lots of time and are not in training for something when you start this.  

good luck1

Hi hi Lori.

Have you been working on heel when you walk? : 

I have been working on "Heel" but for some reason, he's associated heel with "HEY" instead of the "heel"-command and then he will slow down or wait for me to walk past him and then he'll start up again after i say, "hey" and give him a slight Jerk moment when he starts up to FAR up ahead of me.  

I don't want him to pull me forward, i don't mind if he walks NICELY infront, but once he starts to PULLS then i pull him back behind me.  I'm trying to teach him that he has to walk nicely, with a loose leash or else he's STUCK BEHIND ME with a short leash.  He gets rewarded with MORE LEASH when he walks nicely.

So his "herding/nipping/pulling at my pants" is him trying to stop me from RUNNING correct??

I don't have children of my own yet, but i do have many nephews and neices.  Tho I have decided i don't want him to be "herding" the children.   i want him to play nicely with the kids, if not play with them, then to ignore them and just stay in his own area or go to his crate.  Of course, tho... he LOVES LOVES attention and will go to and take any attention from anyone who is willing to give him pets, hugs, and good affections, be it from family or strangers. 


You are correct he should not pull you forward.  At his age he is still working out what everything means.  When you ask for the heel I smack my hand as I walk and encourage Heel with the leg slap each time the dog goes too far ahead or behind.  

Sounds like he will be a good candidate for a running partner.  use the noise and correction when he tries to herd you.  Be firm and consistent ... he will get it, and you will have an awesome running partner.  The slow ...fake jog is just to give you a chance to make the corrections you need to without face planting at an actual jog.  I only say this because I can soooo see myself correcting sweetie at a jog and tripping and face planting.  lol

Bogart and I go running on weekends, around a one mile track at the park. He is always in front of me. While I have weaned him off the harness for regular walks, I still use it for running.  He LOVES to run, and I just have to be careful that he doesn't trip me up as he will sometimes zoom across the path to sniff something. 


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