I am almost ready to give up on my corgi puppy as much as that pains me!

Hi everyone,

I come here all out of ideas but with the knowledge that:

Every dog is different
Corgis are wonderful dogs

Here is my story:

10 years ago I became the proud owner of a corgi cross named Simon. Simon was brilliant, loyal, loving, eager to please, and best of all EASY to train. I don't work so I spent time with Simon; we became best friends fast.

Simon passed away in August. Because I need company I decided to get another puppy. I have owned corgis all of my life. I love them little guys! We brought home Charlie Cheeseburger. I felt better.

Charlie was 8 weeks old when we brought him home. He did not take to us right away. Charlie doesn't let us pet him. ( I can get 4 rubs down his back before he snaps at me.) He bites like crazy. I tried yelping, no-ing, leaving the room, providing other objects to chew on other than my flesh, he just doesn't care. I have never have seen the inside of a dog's mouth so many times- it reminds me of Jaws.

Charlie is not a mean dog. In fact he loves other people.

He is always wagging his nub for strangers but never for us. No matter how much we train him, clicker train him, praise him, reward him, play with him, feed him, treat him, he still gives us the vibe that he would rather be somewhere else.

I have even hired personal dog trainers to help us which I never thought I would have to do but I have no choice since I can't get Charlie to listen to basic commands. He doesn't want to please us.

To add fuel to the fire last week I took Charlie for a short half a block jog. I am overweight so we didn't over do it. But just as I was about to stop Charlie did what corgis do- he got between my feet. I flew over him and hit the concrete. I have road rash and broke my wrist. Charlie is afraid of my cast so he won't come near me. He won't listen to my husband. Today he got away from him and almost ran into traffic.

There is an add in Craigs List- a family wants to give a corgi a forever home. I just want him to be happy. I want him to be happy with us but if that isn't going to happen then should I let go to give him a better life?

Please tell me that you had similar issues. Charlie is currently 4 1/2 months old. Please tell me it will get better. I want to believe. I don't want to give up. Did your corgi turn out to be your loyal friend???

BTW- I don't blame Charlie for my fall I know it was my fault.

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I went through a lot of what you describe with my Benson,he is now 2 1/2 yrs. and is an incredible dog! It took patience, training,three trips to a behaviourist,and a lot of understanding and willingness to work with him. F Y I my breeder contract states that he must be returned to the breeder,he cannot be rehomed without her consent.

Honestly, he sounds like a very strong willed puppy that isn't getting the leadership he needs. Have you used NILF with him? Make him work for everything. His dinner, going outside, throwing a ball, going for a walk, getting a treat, etc etc. He is at an age where it's very typical for them to be naughty, you just have to get through it. Classes will help immensely IMO, make sure both you and your husband attend so you're both on the same page.


He also sounds like he could use more exercise. He should be able to go a mile or so at that age, 2-3 times a day if needed. I wouldn't carry him - most likely he's just being a brat lol. But he is too young to be jogging IMO.


When he bites your hands, immediately say NO very firmly, and put him in an xpen or a puppy safe area in another room for 5-10 minutes alone. He will get the idea eventually if you are consistent. Most corgi puppies are very bitey at that age.


Also I saw someone mention a chiropractor...I don't know about Pems, but I do know for cardigans it is not recommended to have them adjusted by a chiropractor as it can increase the chances of IVDD. Personally I doubt there is anything physically wrong with him but you can always have a vet give him a physical.

If I may interject, don't use the single term "NO" when he bites. This dog is SMART. Make it a two word command and say "NO BITING." Then put him in a confined area.

A short command like "NO" is not translatable to a smart dog. He needs more direction to know which behavior he needs to stop. Once he has that direction, he knows. At the same time, positively reinforce any and all good behavior using a consistent term in high pitch such as:   We use BEAUUUUUU......TIFUL!! 

It is way too early to think that Charlie's reticence to be petted and unruliness are due to a physical condition. He's a gosh darn CORGI PUPPY.(:o)

Oh and hello you Tri Owners!  D'Arby is a sable and it still took time, but OH WHAT A JOY HE IS!  (:o)

We took in Dolly when she was 4, and she did not know how to play with people. I have taught her to fetch. (I will admit I don't work with her much and so she hasn't progressed far) I found a little toy octopus and put a smelly treat between its legs and rubber banded them together then used clicker type training to slowly teach her to fetch it. She still gets treats for bringing a soft toy back and she absolutely loves it!  Your baby is still very young and taking the time to try and teach him the joys of fetch would really pay off.  And congrats on your weight loss!

We had a corgi who passed away at 16 then got our current 2 year old male D'Arby the following October. I forgot how much work puppies can be in those 16 years! I found myself thinking Raider never did that, Raider was easier to house train, Raider wasn't so much work etc. But I bet he was, I just couldn't remember! All corgis bite and nip at first it is instinctive due to their herding roots. You just need to be firm, and a good puppy schooling will do wonders so congrats for signing up! I bet Charlie will graduate with honors, and even though he sounds like a handful at his young age, he is the cutest guy. There is some good advice here for you and I know things will turn out with such a committed owner.

A few ideas for mental stimulation and exercise:

Interactive toys, they are WONDERFUL! Here is a link with other links to TONS of fun toys Franklin has. When I can exercise him enough these always help. He is fed everyday in an omega treat ball, linkable, or tug-a-jug. http://mycorgi.com/forum/topics/your-corgi-s-favorite-interactive-toys


He also was not a fetcher, probably took about 2 years before he'd fetch anything and to this day will only fetch sticks and kong squeaker balls. One thing that works GREAT for him is a horse lunge whip, he LOVES to chase it and we can play inside. It wears him out. Basically it is the same as a flirt pole, so he chases the string. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, especially for a dog who won't fetch regularly. (I do have a video of this on my page if you want to see what I mean).

I can relate to this.  In '99 I got my first PWC, a female I named Chansey.  I taught her sit and down and my mom taught her to play dead and that's it.  She did absolutely everything I told her to (except to quit barking lol), I could have her off leash without worrying about her running after anyone no matter how much attention she wanted from them.  If she wanted to far I just had to say her name and she'd come back.  She died in August last year at the age of 12.  I got Shippo in November that same year and he was ornery as all get out.  He wouldn't stop with the nipping either, everything I did to try and get him to stop egged him on even more (probably because he has a pretty high prey drive).  He is a little over a year now and still bites but not as much.  He wasn't a cuddlebug at all but he did respond well to praise because I used a high pitched voice and that sets off that prey drive.  I could barely pet him as well before his mouth was on me.

I wanted to give up on him so many times because he wasn't my Chansey, but then people on a PWC yahoo email list (Pembroke-L) made me realize something.  Shippo's temperament/behavior is very normal for the breed while Chansey's was not.  Corgis are generally supposed to be high energy dogs and if you don't give them that outlet to burn that energy they will just be unruly.  I'm overweight as well so I can't do a WHOLE lot, I can't run because my ankles are weaker than Hell but I can walk a long way.  A lot of the times it's just not enough.  I throw balls for him and I have a laser light that he obsesses over and will chase for hours if I let him.  He has calmed down a bit as he has gotten a little older and will probably calm down more still.  He still gets a little unruly at times but I think it's because he's not getting enough exercise and I'm a sissy when it comes to cold weather.  Give him some more time, maybe he'll come around.

That is one cute puppy you have.  I have a personal  theory regarding tri's.  The carry an extra "crazy" and "free-spirit" gene.

I totally agree with the Tri theory!!! Our first Corgi (our red fluffy) was the most layed back well behaved easiest puppy we had ever had....Then came Zoey. Night and Day difference. She was indifferent to us and very strong willed. I swear she would throw "puppy tantrums!"  However...She is almost 3 now and is a complete cuddle bug who wont leave my side. She is so smart & affectionate and well...close to perfect. :) Sometimes time can be on your side!! Sounds like your little one may have had a rough start in life. How lucky he is that you were the one to have him. Good luck. It is obvious that you have a kind heart. Maybe a little time is all that is needed.

oh yes they do!

You poor dear, you have quite a lot of advice, I'm sure  in your heart you know what your puppy needs, time.  When I brought my baby Baylee home she ended up being sick and was given antibiotics, she was not a happy puppy (4mths). When she got better, she too was not the cuddily kind, I'd try to and she would walk away from me and cuddle a pillow.....It broke my heart, seeing I bought her for me, not a family dog, even though everyone in the family loves and helps take care of her...She's now 4 years old and now she will cuddle!!!!!!! Yea!!!!! You have had a lot of experience with Corgi's and I can understand your frustration....Loved your comeback about your weight...leave it to a male to take it and run....like the pun????? Good luck with classes and I'm sure you will look back on this journey and wonder why you even doubted yourself...you know what your doing and how to do it......enjoy your puppy....Jeanne  

things can get better. i ended up with chloe because a woman in your situation gave up on her. instead of putting in the effort she locked her in a crate and left her alone until i got her at 5 months old. chloe is a handful because of what she went through before i got her but i wouldnt trade her for the world. shes not cuddly with me very often and i will never be able to trust her off leash cuz she is stubborn and never listens. but she is my best friend and has been by my side through the worst parts of my life and even though she not all cuddly and affectionate with me she has her own little way of letting me know shes got my back too. you little guy is still so young, dont give up on him, he will be worth the extra effort:)


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