I am almost ready to give up on my corgi puppy as much as that pains me!

Hi everyone,

I come here all out of ideas but with the knowledge that:

Every dog is different
Corgis are wonderful dogs

Here is my story:

10 years ago I became the proud owner of a corgi cross named Simon. Simon was brilliant, loyal, loving, eager to please, and best of all EASY to train. I don't work so I spent time with Simon; we became best friends fast.

Simon passed away in August. Because I need company I decided to get another puppy. I have owned corgis all of my life. I love them little guys! We brought home Charlie Cheeseburger. I felt better.

Charlie was 8 weeks old when we brought him home. He did not take to us right away. Charlie doesn't let us pet him. ( I can get 4 rubs down his back before he snaps at me.) He bites like crazy. I tried yelping, no-ing, leaving the room, providing other objects to chew on other than my flesh, he just doesn't care. I have never have seen the inside of a dog's mouth so many times- it reminds me of Jaws.

Charlie is not a mean dog. In fact he loves other people.

He is always wagging his nub for strangers but never for us. No matter how much we train him, clicker train him, praise him, reward him, play with him, feed him, treat him, he still gives us the vibe that he would rather be somewhere else.

I have even hired personal dog trainers to help us which I never thought I would have to do but I have no choice since I can't get Charlie to listen to basic commands. He doesn't want to please us.

To add fuel to the fire last week I took Charlie for a short half a block jog. I am overweight so we didn't over do it. But just as I was about to stop Charlie did what corgis do- he got between my feet. I flew over him and hit the concrete. I have road rash and broke my wrist. Charlie is afraid of my cast so he won't come near me. He won't listen to my husband. Today he got away from him and almost ran into traffic.

There is an add in Craigs List- a family wants to give a corgi a forever home. I just want him to be happy. I want him to be happy with us but if that isn't going to happen then should I let go to give him a better life?

Please tell me that you had similar issues. Charlie is currently 4 1/2 months old. Please tell me it will get better. I want to believe. I don't want to give up. Did your corgi turn out to be your loyal friend???

BTW- I don't blame Charlie for my fall I know it was my fault.

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A couple of things: my corgi Ace never wags his tail for me, ever. EVER. He also doesn't wag it for other people, though, so that's fair. It could just be your dog's character - not every one of them is a tailwagger.

Second, Charlie obviously needs a lot of work from the ground up. I will ask - how much exercise does he get on average? Do you attend puppy classes with him? He needs structure. A LOT of it. Giving him this and sticking to it will greatly improve the partnership between your husband, you, and Charlie.

I do not want to sound mean, but I think rehoming him is an easy way out. I believe that we get the dogs we do for a reason. Ace started out as a willful, unruly dog who wanted nothing to do with me. I thought about giving up on him a lot during the first few months. He wasn't the obedient, willing-to-please pet I had always dreamed of. But without Ace, I wouldn't have been as dog-savvy and experienced as I am today. He has taught me so much about dogs, about training, and about myself. Please do not give up on Charlie just yet. He just needs guidance, and so do you. :-)

Have you tried contacting your breeder for help? If you need to give him up they should be contacted and should take him back themselves. I WOULD NOT use craigslist. If not the breeder then contact a reputable rescue.

He is only 4 1/2 months old. I wouldn't give up yet and would be in puppy classes to help with behavior and bonding. I would also take him to the vet for a check up. There may be a reason he can't tolerate petting. I know many cats have a nerve issue and can't be patted down their backs. Mine is one of them and will bite. It is a nerve reaction like a funny bone hit I think.

He is still a baby...so don't give up yet unless you really don't feel you can handle this. If you decide to give up, use your breeder to rehome or call a rescue group. I would be very fearful about Craig"s list.

Remember, you are comparing him to an adult dog. Puppies are very different! Try to let go of the idea that he will be like your previous corgi and start slowly with training. Classes will really help you bond. Either agility or obedience can be a great experience but at 4 months he is still too young for that. For now try to concentrate on consistentecy. Always say no or screech a high pitched yelp when his teeth touch your skin, if he continues to bite put him in a quiet, puppy proof space for about 5 to 10 minutes and then repeat until he doesn't bite. On walks try to allow him to lead and eventually reward him going with you. Never use his name in association with any scolding. Carry treats (small) with ypu and give him one when he responds to his name. Buy a puppy book at the book store or google puppy training (Cesar has some videos on this too) and try some of the positive techniques to see what works and feels right for you. It sounds as if you have a more high strung pup than your last one but that doesn't mean he won't turn out wonderful if given a chance. Don't beat yourself up for expecting too much, you can correct this if you want. Good luck, I look forward to hearing about the fun you are having!

Sometimes dogs just don't suit us. Personally, I think that Charlie is a little young to make this kinda decision, though.

If you do rehome him, I do suggest returning him to his breeder, if they are reputable and want him back. If for whatever reason it doesn't turn out that way, and you decide to give him to the family on Craigslist, take very serious precautions. Do not worry about overstepping boundaries. If they want one that bad, they'll deal.

1) CHARGE A REHOMING FEE. NEVER give a dog away for free. EVER. If you don't feel comfortable "selling" him, then make them pay for a vet check up in advance, and have them tell you the name of their vet, you look them up yourself (I may sound paranoid, but they could just give you a number of a friend or something) and then call.

2) This is second on the list, but still important---call their vet BEFORE they buy the check up credit, and ask for references, are they responsible with their previous pets, etc.

3) Have them come over to meet Charlie and see how everyone interacts with one another, etc.

4) Do a home visit. Do not just send Charlie off to someone's home without knowing where it is he'll be living.

Act like you are a reputable rescue organization.

Good luck. I really hope that things work out for you and Charlie.

Happy healing!

I'm so sorry about your fall, and I'm sorry your heart is heavy with stress.

My Rigby is 4 1/2 months too and he is strong willed, like I hear many corgis are. I personally have found the only thing that works to keep Rigby from using my hands as chew toys is lots of exercise. He is walked several times a day and we have fenced in the yard so he can run and play outside. We redirect his chewing to things he is allowed to chew on such as old towels, frozen washclothes, his kong, rawhide chews and other toys. When he gets really worked up though, we always put on his harness and take him for a walk, even if its a short 10 minute one. The walk always seems to settle him down and he'll stop nipping.

To keep myself from getting too stressed out, I remind myself to take everything one step at a time. I focus on one challenge at a time and try not to think about everything Rigby is going to have to learn. This really helped me relax, and I saw a change in Rigby when my energy went from high anxiety to calm, relaxed.

Could you choose one thing to focus on and work on that at this time? If you physically can't walk him, could you find someone else willing to help out?

I would definitely have a vet check his back, and consider a dog chiropractor. (Our vet partners with a chiropractor.) Thinking of how long our corgi's spines are, this makes sense to me.

One more idea for you - the high pitched yelping I tried did nothing to stop Rigby from chomping on my fingers. We discovered low tones worked much better. We moan/growl as low as we can and he stops immediately and shows submissive posture.

I hope you can hang in there and things start getting better for you and Charlie.

I think a training class would work wonders. Get him in group training classes and continue to do them until he behaves how you want him to. Franklin was a very difficult puppy to raise. Not because he was defiant or bit a lot or anything like that, just because it took him longer than any other dog I've ever had to "get it". He didn't understand praise went for the behavior he was doing at the time or a firm "no" was for the behavior he was doing. He seemed to think these things came out of the blue. Once he understood my behavior towards him was directly related to his own behavior he became the easiest dog in the world to train. Now its like he reads my mind and I rarely, if ever, have to correct him for anything. There were times I wanted to give up on him, but knew I never would. I had friends who were madly in love with him and when things got really stressful they'd take him for a playdate overnight and let me relax lol. I agree with others that he is still very young to be deciding if you want to re-home him or not, but I also think that re-homing him as a young pup is what would be best for him and his new owner. He is still at a very impressionable age and if you re-home him now the new owner would be able to change his behaviors.

Like Kymberly said, if you do choose to go the craigslist route, approach it like a reputable rescue would. Require perspective owners to fill out a questionaire, charge a reasonable re-homing fee, meet the owners first. When I re-homed my rescue a few months ago I just used an adoption application from one of my local rescues. If somebody is not willing to go through an application process, then they don't deserve your puppy. In this way I was able to pick and choose who I wanted him to go to and I required that he be returned to me if it didn't work out. I found hiim the perfect home this way. Before taking this approach though, contact his breeder. Also, you need full disclosure as to why you are re-homing him. The new owners should be completely aware of what they are getting into to prevent him from being re-homed yet again or dropped off at a shelter/pound.

I totally understand what you guys are all suggesting me to do. I AM NOT GIVING UP. I think I am just über frustrated because I didnt expect to ever have a non affectionate puppy. I thought puppies lived to cuddle, play, and bond if you trained them, loved them, and spent time with them. Maybe I got Charlie too soon after Simon. And breaking my wrist hasn't helped the situation.

We exercise him about 3o minutes a day. Mainly walking. He can't fetch- we tried everything, it's not his thing. I think he gets enough exercise because near the end of the walk he sits down and my husband carries him home, but as he gets older he can go further.

I took all of the advice and enrolled him in puppy obedience starting November 14th.

I grew up with corgis since I was 12. I learned how to train them when I was in 4-H. I went to state fairs and competed and won trophies in obedience. I have never had an issue with training any of my 3 previous corgis. But I have to admit nothing that I know how to do is working. So it's off to school we go.

But I will tell you one positive trait that I 'heart' about Charlie. He loves to watch TV.

My Sparty was one of those not terribly affectionate, Jaws type puppies..I found that if I cuddled with him on the rare occasions that he was sleepy he eventually came to like it. I had to be much stricter with him than I had ever been before with a dog often leashing him in the house to stop unwanted behavior. He turned out to be the best gift I ever gave myself! He lived 13 years and we just sent him over the Bridge in August.I still miss him every day. He was never perfect but neither am I ...Lol. Don't pay attention to negative posts you are entitled to get frustrated. Hope this helps a little

Wow, say what you mean. Dont hold back. I don't see what me being overweight has to do with my corgi. I only brought it up so people would understand that I wasn't running too fast for my puppy. I am not in great running shape. However since you have mentioned my weight I will tell you that I am not some whale who sits around all day. I walk 5 km a day.

The puppy and I do not walk together as of yet only due to the fact he gets tired. I take him as far as he can go and when he sits down we carry him home. We have tried to teach him fetch as we understand that helps release energy, we bought him a small soccer ball to heard, and we are always are trying to come up with ways to help him calm down. This isn't my first rodeo, that is why I am so frustrated

I will not return him to the breeder because when I bought him I had to wait at her house for a few minutes while my husband went to the bank machine. (we didn't plan on purchasing the puppy but something seemed wrong at the breeders and the puppy wouldn't let me put him back down.) Anyways, while we were waiting the breeder kept asking me if I really wanted this puppy. I said I did. When she was sure I was really serious she called her friend and said, 'Can you believe it? someone took the corgi! I know...(Insert roaring laugher here.) Gotta go before they change their mind.'

I don't think he was abused but I don't think he was her favorite. But he is never going back there. I wouldn't give him away, I was just frustrated yesterday. I wanted to hear from other people who had been where I am now. I wanted to know it DOES get better. I am willing to do the work but I want to make sure I am doing the RIGHT things so I can have a positive outcome.

ps... I walk an hour every day no matter what the weather... That's even better than an half hour. ;)

What the... HELL? I think it's your duty to do a breeder review disclosing all relevant information, in the section on this forum, so that others do not end up with the same fate. That woman sounds truly atrocious. Who the heck talks like that about a puppy of theirs? Man, I'm so mad right now.

Anyway, at 4 months it's pretty weird that he's still really tired on walks to the point where he needs to be carried. Are you sure he isn't just pouting? I have a puppy of my own, granted she is a Border Collie, but the only time when she would NEED to be carried home was in the dead of summer (we had a couple days like that early October) and even then, only until the age of 10~ weeks. She is exhausted if we push her a bit more (3 miles with 30 minutes of play in a big field in between, and she'll sleep for hours) but she doesn't actually STOP on the walk. Remember, corgis are used to getting their way!

FYI in 2007 I weighed in at 255. Today I weigh 163. Sadly my previous corgi was no help whatsoever. BUT if Charlie helps me lose the last 23 pounds I will certainly be thrilled! One thing I know for sure: as of right now neither of us can run together.

Baha. This totally made me grin!!!!!!!!!!! That is almost exactly me weight difference! I was about 245-250lbs in the begining of the year and now am at 160lbs! Ziggy was supposed to be my walking buddy (I am really shy/nervous and I feel really awkward while walking, so I was hoping that bringing home a dog would help with that) but Ziggy hates walking and so that didn't pan out! Right now, I'm making him walk anyhow because he put on some pounds bc I went a little crazy on treats for a while there while trying to train him (didn't think to switch treats with kibble at first). But I thought that was just amusing :P (Oh, and 20lbs is what everyone else says I should lose at most, but I think I could stand 30lbs, maybe 35 lol).


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