I'm bringing home a puppy soon and I just wanted to know what YOU guys feed your puppy/corgi 

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There's several food discussion on here including puppies. Does the breeder feed a good food? You will need to change over the coarse of at least 10 days. I would wait a week before starting so the pup has a bit to adjust to his new home. IF you feed puppy food instead of all life stages then it DOES need to be large breed puppy food.

Have fun!

Hi Scott and Nicola, don't feed what others are feeding, do your own homework and make the best decision based on your own budget and findings, you can begin reading the FAQ.

I feed Fromm's Four Star Nutritionals.

Go to dog food analysis and check out the ratings and what the food contains:) I feed TOTW (salmon ) and Canidea all life stages but you can see many good kinds and the ratings.

Franklin gets Taste of the Wild and Truck gets Eukanuba Pure. Both are doing great on what they are being fed. Don't buy into all the hype about grain-free, corn free, filler free, etc just read labels and try to find a food with named meat sources. Most dogs to just fine with corn/grain in the diet, just make sure meat is the 1st (and preferably 2nd or 3rd as well) ingredient. Franklin did not tolerate Wellness, Solid Gold, or any of those other high protein grain free dog foods but he does great on Taste of the Wild. Truck can't tolerate Taste of the Wild at all but does great on Eukanuba, so just feed what works for your puppy and your budget :-)

Emma eats Natural Balance dog food, but we also give her fruits and veggies too.  Not a lot, but a small piece or two a day.  She loves bananas, apples, oranges, carrots, and green beans.  Our vets says this is good for her and makes her coat shiny.  Just don't EVER feed grapes or raisins.

I'd ask the breeder what s/he feeds.  Mine  to feed until which age and then when to phase out the Wellness Puppy).  That's what I followed and still feel the Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice.  For packaged treats I usually give her Wellness mini bars or little, crunchy Blue Buffalo snacks or even a few Cheerios.  Sometimes she gets a Kong Ziggy in her Kong.  Fresh snacks are banana, baby carrots, small bits of cheese, small amount of peanut butter in a Kong...Fresh treats are a real treat because I don't feed those everyday.  She hasn't met a treat she doesn't like!

I'd pay more attention to training than food.  Read as many puppy-training books as you have time for, plan your work, then work your plan.  Put a LOT of effort into this; you're going to have that dog for a long time, and this is the foundation.  Make a list of all the things/commands you want puppy to learn.  Start a notebook, make a calendar, record progress, do something every day, be methodical.  All of this will pay off.  Make sure everybody in the family is with the program and  on the same page.  It's terribly fun.

Started with Blue Buffalo Brown Rice & Lamb puppy. Charlie didn't like it much so we changed to Innova puppy food. He prefers it more, but he's got some bad corgi farts, so i'm thinking of changing again.

That might be from the food change?

Puppy chow!!! After a year dog chow. I believe I gave tazz a small hand full in the a.m an p.m this would be the best way I think.. Tazz is 2 he barley eats a day maybe a small bowl, he's so healthy!! Most people compliment his weight. I recommend this. Nice easy an affordable :) 

I used to feed my dogs this way... is Tazz very active?


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