I'm shopping around for an exercise pen - Any advice??

Hi so I'm looking for an excersie pen...

Something that is efficient as it is affordable.

I was looking at the FOUR PAWS Lightweight pen 24inch (I like it because you can change it's shapes according to your needs..


I personally want to use this at a toilet training tool as well as general safety when necessary. Will a 24inch be okay for my corgi??

Thanks in advance! 

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I think I went with 30 inch.  24 might be a bit low.  I do like the wire ones and the nice thing is you can easily fold them up and stick them away when you don't need them.

Amazon sells the 30" one for 40$ with free shipping.  


Do you use this product? I was wondering if it had the "shape shifting" ability?

Thanks for the link :)

Yep I have one.  All x-pens can be shifted around as the panels can be folded either direction.  Ours is supposed to be configured into a long rectangle but the first thing our puppy does is push the un-attached side outward to enlarge the pen. :) Any configuration you want the pen to stay in will need to be anchored somehow.  For us the pen is anchored along one wall so he can only adjust one side.  

Oh! This is great info! Thanks for that! :)

We had bought a 30" one for Seanna to keep her quiet after she tore her ACL.  It worked great.  It was easy to move from room to room, and being adaptable, we could fold it to any shape we needed.  I wish I'd had it when she was a puppy!  I think it'd be OK, but wonder how it'd hold up to a puppy jumping up on it?  

We attached ours to the crate, and while it shifted a bit, it never actually moved any distance.

This is the one I have. It's a bit bulky because it's plastic, but other than that I've been very happy with it. Sturdy, changes shape, and you can take panels out if you desire.


Hey so I just purchased one... AND I would like to share

I got this! http://www.wag.com/dog/p/midwest-homes-for-pets-exercise-pen-satin-...

It was the same brand that was recommended to me...

but it was a bit more... but not that much... cause on wag.com I got the first time user discount... so instead of paying 52.69 I paid 44bucks.... and free 1-2 Business days shipping! 

So I thought it was the few extra bucks!

So check if your looking check WAG.COM... 15% off is pretty good for whatever your looking for! 

Thanks for all the helpful advice!



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