So we added Charlotte to our family about 2 1/2 months ago.  Stanley has taken to her very well.  However, there's been one change in Stanley's behavior that I find quite curious and was wondering what ya'll thought of it.  Basically, before Charlotte came home, Stanley slept in our bed with us.  We did allow this and whether or not we should have is a whole other discussion.  Anyways, when we brought Charlotte home, she slept in a crate in our living room.  Stanley continued to sleep in our bed.  After a few weeks (I think maybe 2.5 to 3 weeks later), we moved Charlotte's crate to our bedroom.  Her puppy class trainer suggested that puppies should sleep in crates in the owner's bedrooms b/c she said it helps strengthen the bond.  Ok, sure.  So into our bedroom she went, albeit in a crate.  Well, the night that happened, Stanley slept in his bed - a bed we bought him when he was a puppy but had only slept in a handful of times (the bed is on the floor of our bedroom, opposite side from her crate).  Ok, a little peculiar but I didn't think too much of it.  It was around the same time the weather turned cooler here in FL and I think we had put heavier blankets on our bed.  I attributed the change to that.  Well, weeks have passed and Stanley continues to sleep in his bed and pretty much never goes on to our bed at all anymore.  He used to jump up there and lie on it for naps but he doesn't even do that anymore.  And now that Charlotte is bigger, she loves to jump up on our bed and lounge on it but still Stanley never joins her. 


These new sleeping arrangements are not a problem per se, but I just was curious what was going on in Stanley's head that he now doesn't want to be on the bed?  And even though I complained about him sleeping in our bed (all the fur, all the room he takes up, hogging my pillow), now I totally miss waking up next to the furry, slobbery bed hog. 


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If you have ruled out weight or injury I would just pick him up and put him on your bed. I think corgis and probably all herding breeds have pretty complex thinking systems and us as owners frequently need a doggy shrink to figure out what they are thinking..Lol!

We have put him on the bed and he kinda just looks at us and then jumps back down.  (We have a step to the bed so it's easy for them to get on/off).


I just wish I could get inside that brain of his! 

I should introduce you to Sparty!!
Frosty always sleeps in our room, but for no reason at all, after about 10 months, he just started sleeping out in the living room.  Then a month or 2 later, he started sleeping back in our room again.  I'd say if it is not causing any problems, don't stress about it.  If its not broke, don't fix it lol!

Copper did this too! Copper slept in his crate as a pup and then when he was big enough, he started jumping up and sleeping in me and my boyfriend's bed. As he started to get bigger, it was getting to be summer and sometimes he would sleep on the bathroom floor where it was cool. Then he started to sleep up on the bed again come fall and about a month later, we got Flash and Copper quit again. Flash is our cat/dog. He is mistaken that he truly is a dog as he sits, plays fetch, sits pretty on command, and talks back... did I mention he's obsessed with water? Well, anyway, Copper and Flash get along great; they are like brothers, truly. But now, Copper seems to shun me when it's time for bed because Flash is on the bed. He will look at me as I plead for him to come up, then he makes his chewbacca sound and heads for his ''room'' (his crate/boycave) or the bathroom. I don't get it. And sometimes he will come up but only for a second and then he huffs like we inconvenienced him; then he's off for the bathroom again. He always has me scratching my head!

So far Lizzie still sleeps in my bed.. Oliver is in his crate near the bed. I think Lizzie likes it this way because it is our special time to cuddle, w/o the little bro. to get in the way!  Funny but Oliver still can't jump up on the bed, again I think Lizzie likes it this way!

hmmmm..... we crate trained both Soffie and Griffyn and both were left in another room during the night for sleeping.  Our time frame for this, for both, was one year.  Ie: we got Soffie first, she slept in her crate for a year.  On the night we left her crate door open I fully expected her to go to Dawn's room and sleep with her (since Dawn is home every day with her) but .... surprise, surprise she hopped right up on the bed with me!  And that is where she has slept ever since!! (with exception during her recovery from acl tear)


Griffyn.... we got him after Soffie turned 1 year old.  We basically did the same crate training with him.  One year, crate in the kitchen.  After one year, we left the crate door open.  And his choice is to Sleep Around!!!  Some nights he sleeps with Dawn .... others he comes into my room and some nights he sleeps in his crate.  Then there are the nights where he moves from place to place.  BUT ..... when he is in my room, he sleeps on the floor (I'm thinking Soffie must have given him the word)


Now... here's where it gets interesting.... when we stay in motels with them..... Soffie usually starts off sleeping on Dawns bed and Griffyn is on mine.  Then sometime in the night Soffie usually moves over and I end up with both of them in the bed with me!!!     So who knows what they are thinking, when they make their choices!!  But I definitely believe that at home it's territorial!!


My suggestion for you would be to move Charlotte back to where you had her to begin with.  I think Stanley got his nose out of joint and now he's punishing you!!  (Soffie is a master at punishing me!!)  And then just let him decide to join you in the bed again, at his own pace.  I know what you mean about missing him in the bed.  The time it took for Soffie to recover from her acl and she was back in her crate, was harder on me for sure, than it was on her!!

LOL! I wish i had this problem. Both dogs start out on our bed (I know.. we are bad parents). Casey: 8 mo old on my pillow, Corie at our feet. Casey usually gets to warm and ends up on the floor next to dads side...
Don't look a gift horse in its mouth!!! I wish more of mine liked sleeping on the floor more!! I've had a couple that would start on the bed but always get down. I think they get hot. Mostly in the summer mine have no issues staying on the floor but winter hits and they are beggars and if denied they just wait for us to fall asleep. LOL
I don't think it has anything to do with your new addition.  I think Stanley - like all other dogs - just likes to change things up and sleep somewhere else.  My Bingley goes from my bed to the floor during the night and sometimes back to the bed in the morning.  I wouldn't worry especially if he gets along with Charlotte and nothing else has changed with him

His sleeping arrangements, like many of his behaviors, just leaving me scratching my head.  They are curious creatures and that's what's so great about them! I'm not worried about him.  If I have to be honest, I'm more concerned about me losing my snuggle time with him!


I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Charlotte's sleeping in bed with us.  She looks pretty darn comfy on the bed right now, lol! 


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