I hope I am allowed to do this on here, a coworker of mine is in need of some help. She has 2 dogs & about 3 weeks ago in the pooring rain her boyfriend found a dog near there home in the middle of the road & then about 1 week later they were going for a walk & found another stray(i think she is a magnet to them), she is unable to keep this one has 4 dogs is to many for her to keep. She has called around today to the humane society, spca & other rescue but they are full or not taken big dogs & she doesnt want to take him to animal control because they will put him down.... She said he is very sweet & lovable. He is playful & full of energy. She says he appears to be a Black Lab/Rottweiler mix, she belives he is about 1 yr old. He is not neutered & will need shots. She is looking for a forever loving home for this guy but if she cant find him a home she may be forced to bring him to animal control. If you are interested or may know someone who is please contact me & I will get you the information to contact her. Thanks !!!!!!!!!



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We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed that he finds a loving home!!!!! Maybe some corgi on here needs a BIG brother!
I hope so or need a bodyguard for at the park but like corgi's really need a bodyguard
I love Rottweilers!
He looks so sweet. Try putting him on Craigs list. I hope he gets a forever home real soon.
Ya, not to keen on putting dogs a craigslist never know what people will do them.....
Aww love rotties :) I know my boyfriend wants a big pup to wrestle with (though I think I turned him into a corgi lover for life). I wish we had a bigger place so we could take him :( Good luck finding him a home!
Has she tried posting up adds on kijiji or other sites like it. Just tell her to ask lots of questions (similar to ones a human society asks) and request that who ever takes him must keep her posted (that way you weed out the bad or naive people, that can't handle being a dog owner).


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