So some time last night Shelly threw up what looks like her whole dinner half digested. She hasn't thrown up at all sense but seem a little lethargic. I'm thinking its ether a lack of calories or that something upset her tummy......

I'd rather not run off to the vet for just one puke, she does have a sensitive tummy, but doesn't normally throw up her food (usually its bial (sp?))

Right now I'm debating on ether fasting her tonight and giving her boiled chicken and rice tomorrow night, or just giving her the chicken and rice tonight...

Any thoughts?

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I'd fast her tonight and give her the boiled chicken and rice tomorrow.

A friend of mine (who won over 10,000 dollars on jeopardy so he's pretty smart LOL) that a dog's digestive track is VERY efficient and in my experience he's very right. Mine will quickly vomit anything that doesn't agree with their system and have no ill effects from it, unlike us with our heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, etc.
I'm so sorry to hear that :( Let her stomach rest tonite, just keep her hydrated. Get well soon Shelly!
thanks guys I was leaning more tword skipping a meal tonight anyway, I just needed that second opinion : ) She seemed so sad when I fed her big sis but wasnt to interested in the food. She's sleeping right now, not normal for her usually shes bouncing around her big sis while they wrestle......
Feel better soon Shelly!
OK so I fasted her friday so she didnt get any treats chewies or dinner, she seemed to be feeling much better. And today too she was feeling much better she played with her big sis all morning we even got a small training session in : ) then tonight she only had a few bites of her dinner, then threw it all up poor thing is visibly shaken.

Also her big sis Tigger our English bulldog ate only a few bites of her dinner then threw it up right there in the kitchen.

Now nothing has changed in there diet..... I did recently change the treats I use for training to deli selects from Natural Balance. At first I thought it was that so I threw it away and havent used it in a few days, and switched back to Natural Balance. The other thing I thought it might be is, these chewies we bought them on monday.....they are twisted rawhides beef and chicken flavored. They dont normally get rawhides but we got it for them for valentines day and they already had bully sticks.

I'm taking away the rawhides I really do think that is whats upsetting her tummy so much....
Sorry I totally left out that I did feed her the boiled chicken and white rice friday night and she happily ate it! and gave her, her normal kibble tonight.
Thanks Katy : ) Shelly is feeling much better and hasnt thrown up at all sense my last post and she ate her whole dinner sunday night!

And thanks for the link, I dont normally give the flavored Rawhides...... normally I get something a little exotic from and I try to stick to softer chews like the cow ear treats and the cow cheeks we love the Hungry dog Value pack : ) Before we got Tigger, Shelly got a Kangaroo Femur Bone.

Ive thought about getting the antlers but I always thought they would be to hard.... are they? has your corgi ever broken a tooth?


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