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How true!!!!!!!!!
me? no way! lol
How did you know, lol :)
I can't tell you how many people have emailed me this photo as a decorating suggestion! I love it, so funny. But I only have one stuffed animal corgi and two small corgi pins. Not as bad as that yet. Oh, and my Warhol art of Bertie hanging on the wall.

But the red donkey? What were they thinking! lol.
I was probably e-mailed this by 10-15 people. I want to meet the owner of this collection!
Gold star my friend gold star... ^_^
A corgi owner with OCD? Never heard of that...LOL! I have a hutch which has about 10 Evie Anderson paintings, a dozen or more statues, a wood inlay art object of a corgi's head and several little other knick knacks of corgis. I think that it's just a usual collection for a corgi owner, don't you?
If you see my facebook page, I think you'll agree I have OCD! lolol
I love this picture. I really try to keep my corgi collection to a minimum. They are just so cute its hard to resist.
I am in therapy right now!!!!! LOL!!!!


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