I recently purchased a pembroke corgi at a pet shop. I have researched different coat types, but I'm not sure what type she is. She has a black mask on her face And black tips which apparently indicate sable. The pet shop told me she was a fawn but was labeled a red and white. I'm not too overly fond of the mask and was hoping she would grow out of it. She's 4 months old and most posts I've seen where pups have changed color they would have done so at this age. Anyone wanna take a guess?

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She's adorable with the mask! So precious!

My red and white is exactly that: red and white. If this pup has black on the face, why is it not tri-colored? What's the definition of red and white? and tri-colored? I'm a bit confused.

That's what I'm wondering too. I would think she's a sable by having black hairs. No questions. I thought tris had more black all over their bodies? She mostly has a mask on her face a splatters of black all over. I guess I'll know when she gets older.

She's definitely not a tri-color, tris have a black saddle (RHT), or full black over the head and back (BHT). Black masking is not indicative of color and often fades as they get older.

The amount of black hairs on her head lead me to believe she will be sable, although a dog can be considered a red and white and still have a sprinkling of black hairs.

You can see more pictures here: http://pwcca.org/colors.html

Here is my own pem, he did have a bit of a mask as a pup which faded, but his was never quite as dark as your pup's.

6 weeks

~10 weeks (I think)


My Lilli looks exactly like your Adult picture, but she never had any black on her, except a tiny smudge on the top of her head. She was the same color all her life. I would have guessed your 6 Week picture was a sable, and yet both our pups ended up the same.

Red & White mine had the "Fairy Marks" (and old Welsh story) but this went away and his color turned more orange. See in the pictures   1. 6 week   2. 14 weeks 3. 10 months


 I hope theses show up.

Here is Sage as a pup, she's a sable, Sage with her "cap" that Beth describes and all the colors except a red headed tri.

My previous corgi looked a lot like yours and he was registered as red with markings.  This breeder was in the know since he had bred a Westminster champion and other show dogs.  

   About pet shops and puppy mills...we all know there are unscrupulous dog breeders out there and we wish we could close them all down, BUT...not all pet shops buy from them.  A friend of mine(in Fl) who owns a pet store and sells pups buys from reputable breeders from all over the U.S.   He has been in business for over 20 years.  

  Concerning genetic testing, etc....my previous corgi with the good bloodlines was tested for everything he could be at the time and the breeder gave me all the paperwork.  Unfortunately, no one can predict the outcome of quality of life.  At 3 yrs. old he developed epilepsy and had episodes weekly.  At 4 yrs. old be developed oral cancer and I had to have him put down at 5 yrs. 3 mos. old.   My corgi, Bailey, who I am now owned by(!) is almost 4, was not tested and is from a good breeder, has been healthy and happy.  I hope to have him for many years.

Your little boy is a real cutie!  

Sable.  And the mask is ADORABLE!!!!  Very unique!!


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