My corgi had an episode in which we thought she ingested a toxin. She had dilated pupils, staggering, urination, slow heart rate. We took her to an emergency animal vet & she stayed there overnight (back in August.) They figured it was a reaction to something toxic she may have gotten into. It took maybe 5 hours before she was acting normal.
This happened again yesterday. No urination, but dilated pupils, staggering gait, slow heart rate. She was ok again after 4 hours or so, totally normal this morning. She's going to be 2 in April. Has anyone else had anything happen like this?

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No I have never had this happen but have you checked your house and yard for anything she could be getting into?
Yes. The first time when we took her to emergency, they said it was like marijuana toxicity. I thought that was odd, where would she get it? Then I just figured maybe somewhere in the neighborhood some was dropped. I don't know. She had the same symptoms this time as well. Started about 3 hrs. after I walked her. She has a tendency to sniff everything, & there are a ton of gopher holes now in my neighborhood. She also rolls around in grass. It's so frustrating not to know what it could be. She's been picking up these Queen Palm berries from the neighbor's house, in which I grab them out of her mouth right away. She can be sneaky. :)

Poor baby...do you think anyone could have dumped a stash of pot that she got some along the way? Otherwise I would have guessed gopher poisen or lawn chemicals but I doubt they'd have the same properties as pot.

I always watch to make sure she's not eating anything when we walk. When I took her the day she fell ill(yesterday) she played with another dog for a few minutes on their lawn. The other dog's owner was speaking with me, & I thought for a moment that my dog was chewing something. I know she was licking something, & then went to roll on the area. I have smelled pot before around that area, but loose pot on the yard? It's just strange. I just think this would be to coincidental. But it seems like if she had a seizure she would be shaking. Maybe not.
Well yes and no...there are different types of seizure some people just stare and don't have much more than a little shaking and then there's full blown  seizures. It does sound unreal that there would be a pile of pot and that she would eat it...have you checked out if the queens palm berries could be poisenous? Sorry I don't have any other ideas.
Do you have any plants he could have eaten?  Inside or out?
I appreciate everyone's replies. I'm going to log this episode in Chloe's file. If it happens again I'll try to put the few episodes together & see if there is some sort of pattern.

Hi, did you ever find out what was causing this to happen to your Corgi?  My Corgi has the same EXACT episode happen to him about ever 6 or 7 months. I am worried of what it might be.  I brought him to the vet the firrst time it happened and they said he injested medication or something like that, so they injected something under his skin and gave him some nasty looking black stuff to eat.  Our Corgis are around the same age. Any info would be great!


Hi Jessica,

I never found out exactly what happened to Chloe. She hasn't had any episodes (knock on wood) since the 2nd episode. I wish I could help you out. I think it is too much of a coincidence that she would have eaten a drug, pill, etc. TWICE. I wish I knew too. That nasty black stuff they gave your corgi was activated charcoal. I keep a bottle of those pills in my med. cabinet in the event one of my dogs ingests a poison, etc.

Thanks for the reply!  Well I hope it is just something that he will grow out of.


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