I felt compelled to say this and if it's deemed inappropriate then it can be deleted. There is a song by the booth Brothers that starts out like this..."If I leave this world of sorrow sometime before you do just look for me in Heaven and we'll talk the ages through. But, if at first you fail to see me let me tell you where I'll be-I'll be thanking Christ my Savior for saving a wretch like me."

I believe in the great possibillity that when our beloved companions leave this world and cross the Bridge it will not be the last account we will have of them. I don't think they were created and given such a short time on this earth but were made for our companionship and pleasure to endow them with love care and attention throughout their short lifespan. Animals don't need a Savior because they don't require redemption as they are innocent and don't sin such as we do. I'm comforted by the verse of Scripture in Job that goes like this-" Job 12:10 (KJV) In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

There are other verses in various books of the Bible that declare we will see our loved ones again, not only human but animal as well and I glory in that promise. So, when my beloved Bubba departs this life and I later follow, after looking for the one who died for me first and thank him for what he's done for me all throughout my life, I want to see my Mom and Dad. Then, I want to ask where I might find my Bubba and I'm sure He will point to an area beyond the streets of transparent gold and just over the Pearly Gates to a place laden with thick, lush grass where I'll see a particular short legged tri colored Corgi boy named Bubba who will race toward me smiling at my presence and I'll get to hold him and watch him play forevermore. I'll get to see my Katie who went before him as well.

Have faith, those of you who have lost your loved ones recently and long ago. We have this precious promise that this is not all there is here. As the Apostle Paul said, "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." I'd like to say also that if in this life only we have the capability of touching and loving our companions, nevermore to see them once they depart, we are of all people most miserable.

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That was so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it.
That is wonderful! And makes me think that once I get little Anselm and treat him good and it is his time to pass on, when it is my time we will be reunited again. I will have my Anselm forever following me for eternity as a friend :)
I hope with all my heart that that is true. I would give anything to see my Sophie again. She has been gone almost three years, but I really miss her.
Thank you for posting this... It brought tears to my eyes, and hope to my heart. I believe that my beloved companions will be there to greet me... The separation is only temporary, though it is so painful... and what gets me through the pain is knowing that we weren't saying "goodbye" but " see you later".

off to grab some kleenex...
I pray that this, too, is true. Perhaps our passage from this life into eternity will be easier with the knowledge that we are truly children of our God of many understandings and that we shall be reunited with our families and loving companions. Thank you for sharing your vision, faith and loving kindness.
When I lost my two corgis( Millie was only three months old) in a house fire, I was very angry with God. That was in July of 2006 and I am now just starting to make my peace with God. I still don't understand to this day how a loving God could take my babies in such a horrible way.
" I still don't understand to this day how a loving God could take my babies in such a horrible way."

Lauri, I don't profess in any way to know why God allows the sort of things he does nor do I know his reasoning behind so many situations. Not in your case but in so many different cases we bring much on ourselves by the choices we make. Many times there is no repercussion immediately but down the road a few years we begin to see the results of those choices. I find it hard to understand why little three year old kids struggle with cancer or why God doesn't intervene in an abusive marriage. He didn't create robots but gave us a free will to make choices and some of those decisions we pay for sooner or later...been there.

When my Mom lay dying in the hospital of a stroke and as I held her hand and saw the breath of life leave her, I didn't blame God for her demise as one of my brothers did; she brought it on herself by not taking her blood pressure medicine as she should have. She, being a former nurese, knew the importance of regularly taking those meds but took them only sporadically and ultimately, she paid a price for it. We are told that in this life there will be trials and tribulations-all a result of Adam and Eve's original rebellion and now that has been passed down to us.

I wish I had an answer for you about your precious Corgis and why it happened as it did but I don't. Most likely it was quick from the smoke inhalation but; they could have suffered for months with a terminal cancer as they got older and you may have had to watch in agony as they struggled with breathing as life began to ebb from their bodies. Questions such as you've asked have been asked thousands of times and I can't say I've not said the same thing at some point but; this one thing I know. God will not let anything happen or allow it to happen that is not first sifted through his permissive will and only He has the answers that someday we will all know and understand the why's of this life. I think many times God puts us to a test to see how we'll respond to a given situation-whether we'll shake our fist before the face of God, who sees all, or will we, as Job said after his horrible loss, say, "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away...blessed be the name of the Lord."
I have a chronic illness caused by genetics + some unknown trigger. It's a form of spinal arthritis.

I personally find it much easier to imagine that random genetic mutations (which is in fact the science behind it) tossed out something unfavorable than that an all-powerful God who could take it away at will intentionally chose to do this for some reason I can't understand.

Not knocking anyone else's beliefs. :-) Just saying what works for me. Personally, going through life thinking God has the power to make everything better and chooses not to would be way harder than just excepting that life is what it is and sometimes, there is no reason.

I am sorry for your losses.
Thank you!
this is beautifully written, thanks for sharing
i have to say the words in this are beautiful and very heart warming. im very happy you have shared this as right now i am going through a hard time and it really makes you appreciate everyone u love that is around you including your fur kids. i do question the same things but when the day comes and we meet him we will all have our questions answered. i do believe that he puts tests in front of us to see how we react but still i sometimes wonder why he put a child with cancer through something so harsh or things along those lines. anyways thank you for sharing, now i just wanna cuddle my little family and thank god that i have them in my life:)


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