If you want to know why your Corgi is so bossy...

...or why he barks so much...

I think that many of us who have seen herding trials or demonstrations on tv or in person have seen Border Collies working sheep.

I found this great video of a Cardi moving a herd of cows. This is no trial; from what I can see it's a working farm dog. Check out about a minute or so in when the back cow starts kicking and turns around to face down the dog!

So the next time your Corgi sits down and back-sasses you, or plants his feet and won't move, smile and think of the cows.


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That was wonderful!  One of my cardis, Annie, is my herder.  Neighbor has goats and Annie got in their field one day while he and I were chatting.  She'd often site outside their fence and just study them...well, now she was in with them and I was floored!!!!!  Within 5 minutes she had 7 goats herded from a big field into their little feed trough area and she kept them there for about 20 minutes!  These goats had never been herded and were probably none to thrilled about it, but Annie didn't nip once or anything.  We just watched her do it completely on her own and we were astounded! 

Watching Nypa was fantastic and she really seemed to love what she was doing!

I know this is an old thread but there's another member here who has some cool videos uploaded as well:



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