so i'm not positive but i think torque is in heat. she is slightly bigger in her "lady parts" but only enough that barely caught my attention. she keeps sniffing & licking lowlow's crotch like crazy! lowlow's lady parts look normal. & torque keeps mounting lowlow. lowlow really doesn't care, she just walks off like she has no clue. so is it out of dominance or is torque going into heat? what should i do when torque mounts lowlow....should i stop her or leave her be (i mean it's not like they can get each other pregnant since they r both female)?
torque does seem to be urinating a bit more.
i am working on getting her fixed
o & torque & lowlow will both be 7 months on the 28th

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Hi Robyn, when a female comes in season especially for the first time one can see a big change in behaviors. The typical heat cycle lasts 21 - 28 days. In the first week one will see an enlarged vulva with possible spots of a clearer type dischage tinged with blood. As the season continues she will swell more. The second week is typically bright red blood. Week three is much like the first as the swelling begins to abate. Do know that some vets like to wait until the season is over as the reproductive organs are much enlarged and the surgery would be a bit more challenging.
Know also that while twice a year is a "normal" heat cycle there are dogs that come in every three to four months. Certainly this causes much more difficulty in the home as ones dog becomes quite moody and generally it makes a mess.

It is normal for a female in heat to urinate more, she is just leaving her phone number :)

You'll notice other dogs will "taste" her urine, their lips will quiver, determine when she is ready.

Low low's temper will be shorter through 2nd week, it is normal for her to snap, make sure no males are around, always keep her on a leash and only bring her out for potty break, if handling 2 proved to be troublesome, split them up during those breaks, the last thing you want to fighting off a 3th dog.

In my opinion, doggy diapers / pads accumulate the blood and make it interesting for other dogs to dig in more, if you have expensive new carpet, you can use equate brand pads and change them daily. Other wise, invest in 6 bottle of hydrogen peroxide and sprinkle whenever you see blood stain.

I also had a foster that loses her bowel movement during her first heat, but it was an isolated incident.

My advise is be patient and always keep in mind that low low and torque will be NOT themselves during the heat, they most likely will fight and have shouting match, but it'll be all over in 21-28 days. Good luck!
If she is coming into heat - which she may be; it's a big young but not out of the question - she should not be fixed until three months from now. You have to let the uterus go back to normal after the heat and false pregnancy.

If she doesn't move into full-blown heat (quite swollen and some blood, though every bitch is different and you may see as little as a couple of days of very minor discharge or as much as three weeks of dripping), this could be a vaginitis or UTI instead and she should be taken to the vet.

Mounting is common any time they smell weird; it can happen with a UTI or a vaginitis almost as enthusiastically as it does when they're in heat.
ok, yeah i'm waiting till this passes b4 i fix her.. they have been playing a lot rougher with torque being more aggressive about it. torque & lowlow dont go anywhere unattended esp outside. our neighborhood isn't the best so i don't trust leaving them alone out there & we work on cars a lot so i have to make sure they stay away from that just in case. i will keep my eyes peeled , thanks for yalls help


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