Hello All,
I am looking for a rescue corgi in the Long Island/ New England area.
I lost my Teddy in March and would like to rescue a tri color pem.
Haven't seen many on rescue me corgi Facebook and most are mixes at that.
Any direction would be helpful. Thanks, Andy

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In your area (and mine) you can contact the Mayflower Corgi Club, they cover the northeast.  My Max was thru their rescue program...actually his breeder was the head of the rescue part when we got Max so he was surrendered back to her when his people couldn't keep him.  Here's the link to their rescue page.  I hope they can match you up with just the perfect pup.


I agree to go through the breed club.  Thankfully, though, very few Corgis end up in rescue in this part of the country so you may want to have a backup plan.

I was looking for a rescue last year and came across a web site called rescueme.org.  Google them - you can search by breed - and choose what states you are willing to travel to.  A lot of the dogs are mixed breeds - but they do have pure breds now and again  - I just took a quick look and New Jersey has 2  purebreds listed.   Sign up for their email alerts - for the states you are interested in and they will email you whenever they get new dogs - and I liked the people I talked to about a few of the rescues-

I found my pup Katie while I was looking for a rescue and adopted her instead. - But I still get their emails and have seen a number of very adoptable pems since I got Katie.  


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