Hi!  Finally made the decision and Ella is going in for ACL surgery in about a week.  I want to order the Kong inflatable E-collar instead of making her wear the plastic cone of shame and I wondered if anyone has had any experience with this type of e-collar?  I looked at the sizes and after measuring her current collar, it looks like I will need a large (even though they say a large will fit a golden retriever!)  Thank you!

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Thank you, Linda. :)  My Ella had surgery today and the Vet's office called a couple hours ago to say she is awake and doing good.  I was so relieved to hear that...I didn't ask any questions!  I am going to call them in a little bit and see how she is before they close.  I've been vacuuming, putting down rugs, getting her crate ready, etc. for her return tomorrow.  I go to pick her up at 4pm tomorrow and I can't wait.  The house is way too quiet without my sassy Ella Mae!  Thanks again for all the kind thoughts and prayers! 

I'm glad to hear everything went well!  It is so empty when they aren't around.  Both mine were at the groomer's today and the house was way too quiet!  No one to follow me to the kitchen or bathroom.

Shoot!  Now I'm not sure what to do.  The lady at the vet told me that Ella was able to get the inflatable collar off.  I asked her if they used a collar threaded thru the loops and they said NO.  Well, that's why, I think!  But..., then she told me it was way too big!  Ugh.  I had to buy a plastic cone because she said if Ella chews on her staples, we could be looking at a $500.00 mess to deal with.  :(  Well, when I got home, I put the collar on her ....  with her regular collar threaded through it and she still has it on!  Now I'm wondering if I should just leave this one on her and forget the plastic cone.  I worry about her getting it off during the night when I'm asleep and not able to watch her but on the other hand, I feel like everyone else who used theirs, didn't have any problems.   I was very confident about this until the lady at the vet said what she said.  Thanks for listening!


Cindy..I can tell you neither of my dogs got it off when it was threaded thru their collar and Katie is considerably smaller than Max. And if either of them was to get it off it would be Katie, she is my fussy one and hates anything different. You may need to make her collar a little bit tighter then normal for the time being.  Plus the Velcro strap on the collar gives you the option of how snug to make that.

Poor sweetie, she still looks so groggy.  I slept on the couch the first night when they came home from the vets after surgery.  I wanted to keep an eye on them.  They were fine, I was the worry wort.

Thank you so much Linda.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your advice!  I'm going to leave the collar on tonite but I'll probably sleep with one eye open, lol. 


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