Interesting Question For Those Who Train Corgis For The Show Ring

I have Max and Katie....both from the same breeder (Heronsway), they are cousins. 

When I woke up this morning Max was on the bed, now he can't get up on his own and over the past 6 months or so he has not asked to come up.  And I have to lift down off the bed....he is not crazy about being picked up.  I let the dogs out and saw that it had rained overnight.  When Mark got up I told him I figured we had a thunderstorm overnite. He said the first crack of thunder sounded like an explosion right on top of us. He sat straight up in bed and then got up to look out the window. Max was standing at the foot of the bed so Mark asked him if he wanted up. Mark said the front paws came right up on the mattress and he swears he heard Max say you don't have to ask me twice. .

What is odd, Max is afraid of thunder and fireworks but not anything else, I have to run over him with the vacuum to get him to move. When he trained for his CGC and therapy certification he was the steadiest dog in the group.  He wasn't afraid of the walkers, crutches, wheelchairs...he thought he was having all kinds of new friends to play with.  Now Katie is afraid of her own shadow but couldn't care less about thunder or fireworks. She is a retired showdog so I am wondering if that was her training as a showdog so she didn't react to loud applause in the ring.

Anyone have any idea?

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Becca had been kept as a prospect by her breeder. I got her at 8 months, the breeder kept her sister instead. Becca is quite noise proof. I think much of this was her environment. They were near a fire station and Amtrak ran right behind the property. The only noise that has really bothered her was the bang of the teeter when she started agility. She got over it quickly.

Thanks Marcie.  The breeder is pretty much off the main roads so it's fairly quiet but Katie was shown for conformation.  We got her at age 4 after her 2nd litter was weened.  We've had her for 6 years and she still has not learned sit...she stands beautifully even at the vets and he can check her teeth just fine...Max wants to take his fingers off.  A couple of others here who have rehomed show dogs said the same thing about trying to get them to sit...forget it, they will stand.  That's fine because whether she is sitting or standing as long as she stays put.  So I was just wondering if the no reaction to noise was from her training for the show ring.


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