I surprised myself at how long I have help out to announce our new baby, Logan.  I guess I was just busy with the fun puppy things and finding enough time to get on and do it properly.  Logan is 16 weeks old, a tri and from Michigan.  Finding him was all serendipity, getting him to Georgia was an ordeal that ending in me leaving my family for five days and driving to get him (I stayed and visited with friends along the way). He is cute and funny and even has my husband charmed (Matt got the naming rights).  Having him has reminded my husband and I about the two rules about puppies.

1.) You cannot trust them.

2.) See rule number 1.

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Such a cutie!  Congratulations!  Oh, how I have a soft spot for tri-colored fluffies!  :o)  Enjoy!

Well done Cindi


So pleased to be associated, big hugs to all the family and especially the fluffs.


Best Regards from all at the kennel of Balletcor in the UK



Corgi congratulations!! What a precious tri-fluffy. The pics are great especially the last one. Looking forward to more pictures of Logan (great name!).
Very cute!  We also got our corgi from Michigan (we live there).  Which breeder did you get him from?
He came from Christy Howard's kennel near Kalamazoo. Dreamwinds Corgis. It seems like that are is a hotbed of corgi breeding activity!

Do you know who his parents are?  I checked out the Dreamwinds website, and it looks like that breeder shares studs with the breeder we got Emma from (Pat Gordon).  Our dogs might be related!


hes just adorable!  congratulations Cindi
aaack! fluffly baby tri corgi - can.not.control.squeeeeeeee!!!!
What does Twinkie  think:)  He is adorable but then again he is a fluff so of course he cant help but be.
I LOVE fluffs!  So cute!  I prefer the standard coat for my own lazy self, but for pure cuteness it's hard to beat a fluff.
Logan is SOOOO adorable!  I totally agree about your puppy rules.  We look at our new, little guy and say to each other: "I thought we were never going to do a puppy again?"  These cute faces save them MANY days!   Congrats on your new addition.
More pictures please! He is too cute. Your video was funny too.


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