Is 2 Corgis Chewing on "bones" in peace/sharing toys possible?!

So we added a puppy to our family about a month ago. Appa is doing pretty well with him. But if I give them treats (anything to chew on)/or if they're eating/or playing with toys-- Appa is growling/snarling/pissed off constantly. I don't blame her some of the time--the little one is all over her or tries to steal her stuff even if he's got his own. 

I don't really know what to do. I don't know how to train to change the behavior or which one I should concentrate on training for different behavior (or both of them?). Should I just take that kind of stuff away from them completely? I've been putting the toys away unless we're actively playing with them with the toys and that seems to create a little more peace and less growling. 

I know the little one gets pretty bored if he doesn't have something to chew on or play with when we're not down in the floor playing with him. Appa likes playing with him but not all the time, obviously. And she is pretty partial to her chewies too. 


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also, just to clarify--I'm not giving them bones, I just call anything they get to chew on (pork skins/lamb ears/etc) "bones". 

Well, we had some competition between Cassie the Corgi and Charley the Golden Retriever when I was dog-sitting Charley through his puppyhood. Puppies do need to chew.

In the case of these two, as long as they both got a fresh chew toy EVERY time, they would generally settle down. But if one toy got chewed up, or if a toy got "lost" out! I would pick the things up and put them out of reach when the pooches went off to do something else, partly to head off any confrontations and partly because I didn't want either dog to choke on one after it got small enough to get into the dog's throat -- to prevent that, Cassie & Charley needed to be in my presence during the chew-fests.

Have you thought of putting the puppy in her crate or in an X-pen when they have their chew-toys? Pup in crate, Appa at large. When it's time to knock off chewing, take the munchies away from BOTH dogs -- pup's out of the crate, Appa's off the floor -- so there's nothing within reach for them to argue about.

I've been doing that for feeding times but not for their chewing times--I will give it a try and see how it goes. Thank you for the suggestion! Much appreciated.

I would keep them separated when they each have a chew and then put away when they are done, before letting them back together.   When we rescued our pem, we kept toys picked up and they got to play with them supervised.  As the years went on, I became a bit more comfortable with toys laying around.  I did  have to watIch our pem after a while though cause he seemed to want to steal toys out of our cardis mouth!!!  I did not allow that.  It didnt matter if we had two of the same exact toy, he wanted the one Lance had of course!!

Yes, that's the problem with our little guy. He goes right up to Appa and wants to take it from her. I honestly think once he's older and can actually assert his dominance (think he's going to be the more dominant of the two) it will be fine. Appa submits pretty readily but I think because he's so small she's still fighting it. 
Annnnnyway, I guess separating them for now when they have their chewy stuff is as good a plan as any. Thanks for the input!

Our girl Emma sometimes has problems with other dogs, but we really wanted a second corgi, so after discussing things with the breeder and having the two dogs meet, we brought our boy Gambit home when he was 6 months old.  There were times during the first few weeks when we thought Gambit was going to have to go back to the breeder, because Emma would get upset about something and go after him.  What really helped was making sure neither dog got something without the other dog getting the same thing - both got treats at the same time, both got fed at the same time, both got "bones" to chew on at the same time.  Gambit was not allowed to get into Emma's "personal space" and Emma was not allowed to go after Gambit beyond a warning growl if he annoyed her.  It was a lot of work, but now they play together all the time, they sleep near each other, and they share toys.  I've actually seen them both chewing on bones, then on some unseen signal, they both get up, go over to the other's bone, and settle down to chew.  So yes, 2 corgis CAN chew on bones in peace and share toys.


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