i know this may sound kinda dumb but i cant decide if teddy would look good in green or not lol i dont want people to see him and think he is a girl. i am buying him an ipuppyone harness (almost like puppia) because i can tell the front part of his harness is bothering him and so is his collar. he mostly off leach when ever we go somewhere so depending on the location we bring his harness or walk him on his martingale collar. so to make him more comfortable i am going to get him this: http://www.petsntreasures.com/ipuppy-one  or this: http://www.spoiledsweetpets.com/airpudoghaby.html

i cant tell which would be more comfortable for him since it is pretty hot here. i am also torn between the green or the orange. i dont want him to look to girly but i think a little color is nice since he is a grey/blue color. sorry this is kinda of dumb but better to ask then have him look dumb :)

here is him in orange and green

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I like the green personally. :)
I like green. Frank also hates collars and won't' even wear a harness so I switched to using a very thin choke chain. That way it has all is ID info on it, won't break or fall off, and he hardly even knows its there. If I put a harness on him he just drops and rolls and rubs and scratches until I take it off. You can get a nice thin, lightweight choke chain that is just a tad big so it slips off over his head in case it gets stuck on anything when he is out running. I've never had an issue with it getting tangled on anything though. All my dogs have always been mostly offleash and my lab used to lose a collar almost every outing so that's when we switched to the chain. All my dogs have had them ever since. Another benefit is they don't rub the hair off around their necks like collars do.
im glad u two like the green:) teddy dosnt hate his harness. he actually gets kinda sad when i take it off lol he likes wearing it but i have noticed that the nylon that goes under the chest/belly slides to the right when ever we get walking because he has a pointed breast bone, i could imagine thats uncomfortableso thats why i was wondering about which mesh harness to choose(step in or regular).. but he dosnt like to be controlled from the neck and i honestly respect that, if it were me i know i wouldnt want to be pulled by the neck if i was excited going to a park, etc. i have seen plenty of people have there dogs wear chokers for collars but i am to afraid for it to get caught since its meant to tighten.  but im glad it works for Franklin:)
Green can be for either boy or girl, but usually the darker greens are more "boy"ish.  I, personally, like the green on him.  The orange isn't bad, either, but the green looks better.  :)  He's such a handsome little guy!
thank you very much:)
I would say go for the green.  It doesn't matter what color you use, people are going to think whatever they think.  I used to dress my daughter in all pink to go to the store, and people would still come up to me and say "oh, what a cute little boy you have!"  So just choose whatever color you like and don't worry about what other people think.
o wow, im sorry about that u think people would have more common sense  to things like that
Both my girls have green collars, but I would have no issue putting that color on  a boy either...
Then again I would put a hot pink collar on a boy, and i already have a blue winter reflective jacket for Roslyns late night walks. I just don't believe in color being feminine or masculine. I say "do what you want"~
As I am a Michigan State Spartan, green is the perfect color!
Yay Sparty!
What can you say?  When you're handsome, you're handsome!  I vote for green  ( I also think men look good in pink shirts )
I love the green!! He looks like a boy to me....


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