Hello everyone!

I'm new to the forum and to owning a Corgi, so I have lots of questions. Hope that's okay.

I have a 2 year old Corgi that I rescued 2 months ago. She is very good, and I love her so much...but she doesn't play with toys, and she kinda just zonks out during the day. Not very active in the house at all.

Outside, she has a ton of fun. Loves to run, and smell, and sometimes plays fetch, and smells things, and she seems quite happy then...but inside not so much. Any suggestions?

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Do you try to play with her, maybe switch the inside and outside toys. In the case of our family's dogs when they are seperated from eachother they tend to be quiet and nap. When they are together they are crazy and playing, no matter the location. Perhaps she wants a play mate. I know Miranda loved going on play dates when she was younger. Or animal planet works well. She talks to the TV sometimes, but she gets upset when the dogs yip or whimper. It keeps her mind entertained trying to figure out where the dog is and what is wrong.
Hello and Welcome!!! Thanks for rescuing your corgi. :) I bet she is getting used to your house and adjusting. Her not playing with toys is not very uncommon at all. I see lots of people who rescue corgis that also say their rescue wont play with toys. In her previous envirornment she may never had toys. Do you know her history of why she was in rescue?

With lots of love and time, she will come around I bet. Maybe she also gets her energy out while she is outside and is just content relaxing. As long as you keep working with her, over time I bet she will warm up to playing inside.

I know our corgi loves to go for walks much more than play with his toys, of course he loves playing with his toys but LOVES WALKS!!!! We cant even spell the work backward or say go around the block without him knowing what we are saying!!!
You have had her such a short time it is probably too soon to know if you are seeing her true personality. She may not have learned to play indoors. You can teach her by playing with her a little but she may just be content to play outside.
Thanks for the replies!

She was in the rescue because she was a stray. Nobody came to pick her up so she went up for adoption. I can't imangine anyone not wanting her. She's just the best.

She is very energetic outside (still doesn't play with toys, but runs like crazy). She plays with our neighbours 3 Boston Terriers alot. They're her best friends.

It's just when she comes inside she seems bored.
I think if she was bored she would be acting up- if she is resting maybe it is just that. After lots of exercise Tucker becomes a couch potato. He also has certain times of the day he is more active and other times when he naps a lot.

When I first brought him home at 10 months he ignored his toys for a week or two - now he loves anything that squeaks and will carry his toys around the house. She is still adjusting. Congrats on your new pup! she is lucky to have a great home now :)
If she's a rescue maybe she never had any toys or never learned how to play! Could be (depending on her background) that she's more used to being out or that she wears herself out and then is ready to take a nap when she comes back in....not active in the house is not necessarily bad!

And as for the questions....we all have them...and this is the place to ask them...

My suggestion for in the house if she shows interest in fetch is to get a ball and just roll it while on the floor with her and maybe she start playing or get a rope toy and play tug of war (gently)...
Well I loved your suggestions and replies. I know that Tuesday loves to chase things, so today I picked up something cheap that I could trail around - And She LOVED it!

Woo hoo! Thanks!


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