Came home from work today and noticed a tuff of hair sticking out of Max's side, so I pulled it out like I usually do as they shed. I noticed a lot of dry flaky junk on the hair and then noticed hair missing on his side. This is what I found... I haven't noticed him scratching, itching, licking or chewing out of the normal before this. My grandmother said she noticed Max licking and scratching that side today but it is possible that this just happened today? He doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort when I touch the area or spread the hair to look at it. I've never seen a hot spot so I don't know if this is what it'd look like or not. It doesn't seem to be actively oozing or wet and doesn't smell.

It also seems to be localized to this one area, I didn't notice any other spots on him any where else.

He has a vet appt on Wednesday (the earliest) but just curious what others think? The only meds he takes are heart guard and bravecto - both max and bella. Bella isn't having any of these issues right now.


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In the northeast we're having a bad tick season.  If a dog has fleas, he scratches pretty much incessantly.  If it's a tick, he scratches the spot where the tick is from time to time.  

I use Nexguard to help control ticks, but it doesn't hurt to go over the dog pretty thoroughly from time to time.  

The thing about a tick is it doesn't stay there forever.  It drinks its fill and drops off.  So you might not find it *now*.  But you do want a strategy in case they come back for seconds.

Looks like some kind of insect...but i are a english major, i are not a vet.

If it were my dog, I would take him straight to a vet. It could be mange, fleas, an allergy, ticks that have fallen off, whatEVER. Better to spend a little money on the vet now than a lot later...a veterinarian can tell you what the problem is and help you cut it short.


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