Do other Corgi owners feel the need to go to great extremes to assure their Corgi is super happy? I am beginning to wonder if I am becoming one of those excentric old I am making my bed this morning and adding Sir Tharros' three extra comforters so he can see out the window, nap in comfort with his little chin on a soft window sill covered with a small pillow...I say to myself "self-what exactly ARE you doing?" But there is something about this little dog that seems to not only have stolen my heart but my common sense, as well. I have had dogs all my life but I have never been so infatuated, in love and obsessed!
Is this a first time Corgi owner reaction?
Anyone willing to share if you do special things for your Corgi that some might label "extreme"?

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haha love this thread!  i've always wondered if there were others out there.  :)

my friends think i'm crazy but now i can say "this is extremely normal for a corgi owner".

Um, I do the same with Lilly.  You are not alone!!


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