I need some inspiration to make it through one more day until the weekend... Lets see your best corgi smile pictures!! Here are a few of my monsters smiling! :)

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Cheeeeeeeese! :)

What a pretty smile! :)

I think i've posted this before, but i have to post it again!

What a happy puppy!!! :). <3

They all have such adorable smiles, but my vote goes to the very first picture.....I love the little squinty puppy eyes.  It doesn't get much cuter that that!

That's my sweet 'baby' Koda as a pup... My favorite pic of all!
Awwwwe you have a pembroke and a cardi! I would love a cardigan to add to my trio but I have my hands full as it is! Lol you have very pretty babies!

sooooooo cute!!!

I LOVE the argyle sweater... Do u mind me asking where u found it?

I have a dog polo shirt like that also, with the split in the back, I think they do it that way as not to interfere wth collars/leashes/harnesses as much.  :)

and Thank you! I am going to see if Target still has anything similar... I LOVE that!


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