Has anyone tried Fresh Factors tablets from Springtime or Skin & Itch relief from Only Natural Pet for their corgi's to help with itching? 

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Do you know what is causing the itching?  With Max it's allergies so I use Benadryl for him.

Linda unfortunately I don't know.  I'm pretty sure it isn't her food, I'm beginning to think it's environmental. 

I haven't either. I have on occasion used Benadryl.

Is it a grain free food?  Have you tried changing her food at all?

Now is probably the worst time for environmental allergies.  I know from mid August till first frost is Max's worst time...mine too.  I know your area has been wet this summer which brings with it lots of mold and with fall coming there is leaf mold to deal with.  Max is 11 so I know what triggers his and when so we know how to treat it.  You are just starting out with your pup.  I would start by taking a look at what is in her food and treats...grain, especially corn, can be a big trigger.

Are her eyes runny? That is usually a good indication of an outside allergen.  Besides the itchies Max gets runny eyes and it also tends to set up an ear infection for him.  If you are 98% positive that it is nothing she is ingesting than I would talk to the vet about what dosage of Benadryl would be appropriate for her age and weight.  You can google the dosage but it's always best to check with your vet.

Max is 35 lbs so he gets 2 a day, Katie at 28 lbs can have the same amount.  And it's not necessary to buy the expensive brand name.  I use Walgreen's brand and that is just fine with the vet.

Her eyes are not running at all.  She just scratches her neck area alot and bites are her sides.  She has no sign of flaky, scabby, or pink skin, in fact her coat is very soft.  She's on Frontline so I know she doesn't have fleas, plus I haven't seen any. 


I had her on blue buffalo and actually took her off that about 3 months ago and put her on TOTW since it's grain free and she was doing pretty good.  Most of her treats are all natural and homemade.  I do give her a fish oil supplement every other day which she seemed to take to well.  I also have just started giving her coconut oil the opposite day of the fish oil about a 2 weeks ago and it almost seems like the itching is worse.  I'm thinking I need to not give it to her anymore and see if that helps.  Pollen is high here right now and ragweed was about 2 weeks ago so that's the only thing I can think of. 


I hate to start giving her medicine already, she's only 10 months old, but I feel sorry for her to be itching.  It's not constant but it's definately more than a dog with a random itch here and there.  Going to try a few things and if nothing helps Benadryl might be the way to go. 

First step would be too eliminate things like the supplements.  If you feel the itching intensified after starting the coconut oil then stop it, give her time to get it out of her system and see what happens.  I had started Max on fish oil over the winter because his sin gets very dry and itchy but have continued it...it's also suppose to help with "normal" shedding...not that corgis shed normally even when they aren't blowing their coats.  Both Max and Katie get 1-900 mg fish oil capsule a day.

That's what I'm planning on doing.  For sure the coconut and see if it calms down.  I guess once we get the first frost I can eliminate with outdoor allergies out of the equation.  I'd have to look at the bottle to see what the mg is but she's only 19 lbs. and it said 1 capsule per 20 lbs.  I actually just ordered new stuff that's in a pump, much easier and less smelly on my hands since I won't have to cut it open. 

Are you talking about the coconut oil or fish oil capsules and cutting them open?  I just put the whole capsule in with their food.  No muss, no fuss.

Weill, I would give it 2 good frosts before eliminating those factors.

The fish oil, she won't eat the capsule. 

2 good frosts it is then!!! 

Thanks for the suggestions!



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