Seems that Midas has started itching and biting himself frequently. He even bit himself so hard that he drew blood on his front arm. He is on Blue Buffalo Natural Fish and Sweet Potato so we don't think it is his diet that is causing the problems. Any suggestions on what we could do to relieve his itching and biting and what may cause this?

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Poor MIdas! I love your guys' picture, by the way...

You have checked for fleas, right? Also, how old is he, and has he been eating the Blue Buffalo very long? Blue Buffalo is really good food, so like you I'd doubt it is the food. Maybe he is sensitive to soaps you might use on his bedding?

I'm sure you will get some really good advice here. We did have a problem with itching but in our case it was fleas. After we switched from Frontline to Advantage the problem went away.
sometimes it can be allergic reactions. for instance certain bones break ein out to itching fits, found that certain foods/dry foods/bones/treats can make her itch sometimes hard to decifer.. but keep trying
Yes we've checked for fleas and haven't spotted any. He does have two antlers that he likes to chew on and another bone, we will try to pick out which one may cause this itching reaction.

He is currently a little over 8 months and he's been on Blue Buffalo for quite some time. We do try to switch up the types of BB such as going from lamb to fish, to chicken and so forth.

Thanks for the suggestions Geri, Sidney, and Gwen!
We took him to the vet as a precaution and he prescribed him some anti-histamines. Also, he is 28 pounds! Surprising!
Skin itching is often from food allergies. My vet said that dogs can become allergic to a new food within 5 weeks. If it doesn't resolve you may want to look at a different line of food. There have been many discussions on this site about foods and what to avoid with allergies. you may want to do a search in the health forum and you will find a lot of helpful information.

Our dog got allergic to his food and we had to change it twice before we found something he can eat.

Good luck. Joy and Butter


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