I have notice that lately Riley itches so much in exactly the same spot...without even seeing him itch, you'd know where he was itching because of the wet spot and the way his hair stands there. I have inspected him and I dont see any fleas or anything like that. Gave him a bath and I didnt see anything. Is that something I need to worry about? Do I need to have her checked by his vet? What stuff like meds or the likes do I need to routinely give him?
Im really getting worried with the itching....:/

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I've noticed that Penny does the same thing on her hind quaters...but I haven't been able to find any cause either.
Is his monthly heartworm med up to date? Check inside in legs, bum area and see if there's any flea dirt. Check your AC filter, It can also be food related or even dust pollen, my vet have recommended ours with baby benedryl to relieve some of the allergies problem as well, call your vet and see what he/she recommend.
It could also be from high shedding and dirt trapped in the fur coat and from him itching aggressively in that spot has irritate it. Usually a good bath and grooming can solve this. A dirty hair coat will dry the skin out as well. Fleas or allergens are another source and Benadryl can help elevate allergies but your dog should be on some type of heartworm and flea prevention. If any signs of fleas are noticed, I highly suggest having the stool tested and talking to your vet since that is a high risk for tapeworms.


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