I am getting my Lulu home in couple weeks (she is only 6 weeks old and stays with the breeder now). What would you suggest to buy or prepare for a new puppy? There are several things in my mind: a portable kennel, toys, dog foods, & food/water bowls. Welcome any suggestions.


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Hi Ping, here you go.
Thanks! It is very comprehensive.
Just a quick question about the furminator, should I get a one for "long hair" or "short hair"? Somehow, I feel corgis are in between.

Get the one with the yellow handle.


Just for reference, my handle cracked on my furminator for no apparent reason. No, I didn't throw it at the husband!! I emailed furminator and even without the receipt they had me mail it to them and they put on a new handle and sent it back at no cost to me. I did have to pay the postage to get it there but that wasn't much. I was impressed!


mypuppy zeus is now 6 1/2 months old but when i got him he was only 12 weeks and these are all the things i needed: 

baby wipes unscented as they are always messy (puppies)

fuzzy blanket for the crate

toys to chew on but durable safe ones to withstand the baby teeth they have that are very sharp

collar and leash, i stared walking zeus on it right away so its easy to take them places to socialize

a soft brush because their fur and skin is so sensitive at first, I never had to use the ferminator until about 2 weeks ago

a harness seems to work better at first, but I still put the collar on so he was used to it

a good puppy food

water and food bowl

puppy shampoo

nail cutters I started this right away to make it easy for the groomer

have a good vet on hand to take the pup for a check up right away and shots

and alot of patience which u cannot buy lol

have fun with your new baby I sure am with mine :)




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