I watch the show on Animal Planet called "It's Me or the Dog" sometimes and I was just curious if anyone else who watched it had ever seen any corgis on there? I know that Corgis are given away a lot for being more than people can handle and I was just curious if any were ever featured on this show.

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I've never watched one with a Corgi... but though Corgis tend to be given away for being hyper I never heard of serious behavioral issues with Corgis... maybe a bit of food stealing and extreme barking here and there but they are in general good dogs.
I watched quite a few episodes of It's Me or the Dog before I got Gus and I didn't ever see a corgi on the show.
I Love Victoria Stillwell! With her tips, I was able to correct a lot of Rolo's behavior problems before they really became problems.

It's funny, but I was commenting to my husband the other day that it was odd that there never seemed to be any corgi's on the show... especially considering the earlier shows were all filmed in England. From what I understand, they are pretty popular over there.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the Queen's dogs... maybe Victoria doesn't want to offend her by showing a naughty corgi!
I love her too! I have learned a lot from her also.
Thanks for the input on the overseas picture. I was going on what I heard and I guess I was told wrong. No big :)

Victoria better than Cesar? I dunno... I think they are different, surely, but better depends on the problem dog and what they need.

Victoria is a great animal behaviorist... but her technique is more focused and training oriented. It's a trip how she scolds the owners when they don't do right with their pets. Her methods are basic and standard and most people can do these techniques easily. Probably why she focuses on dogs that aren't (as Cesar puts it) in the Red-Zone. I'm willing to bet she just doesn't think the average person can help a dog like that and that they should seek professional help. I agree... and while I'd use very little of what Cesar uses on his shows, it's an interesting contrast to see the more extreme cases of animal behavior.

Cesar is more about understanding how a dog thinks and why the behavior patterns started to begin with. Most of his training is about "taking charge" of your pack. His philosophy being, when you are in charge and they respect you, they will listen to you more. It's a sound philosophy, but I feel that his techniques aren't for everyone (some are downright dangerous... have you seen him alpha roll a dog??? I think "Don't try this at home" should be emblazoned permanently on the bottom of the screen!)

The way I see it... Victoria is the Physician. She cures the illness... Cesar is the "tough love" Shrink, for those who need to go a little deeper. When a dog is emotionally stressed over something, simple training isn't enough.

So I don't think that Victoria is necessarily the better trainer -- it depends on the situation and the dog as to which approach would be more beneficial -- but she is more consciously aware that the public might try her techniques at home (even WITH a warning not to!) so chooses to film those that are *relatively* safe. I have to give her kudos for that :)
They did have a corgi once on the show 'The Pet Psychic', which was on Animal Planet several years ago. I think it was because the corgi was acting out with a new baby in the house, or something along those lines. A corgi an attention hog? Never! >:)


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