Sooo winter was not so kind to me and all the hot chocolate and staying in doors all the time definitely had me gaining a couple pounds so I wanted to start jogging with Ori and Laika. They're fantastic at power walking but usually when I start running they think it's playtime and they start play fighting... on the leashes... while I'm trying to jog. Which doesn't work out too well. My apartment is basically situated right on a park with a great jogging trail so I'd really like to start using it now that it's warm out and I think it would be good and healthy for the dogs to get some good exercise in too. So any suggestions at trying to get the dogs to run with me? Should I just run with one, then come back in and switch them out halfway through my workout? Also, when I walk with them I use one leash with an attachment on it that connects to both their collars. Its easier for walking but would using separate leashes be better for jogging? 

The dog park I go to is an island that's entirely a dog park and it has some good running trails so I suppose I could go there and run with them off leash but it would be much more convenient to make use of the park here. I already go to the dog park about once a week anyways and it's not super close. 

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i know what you mean:) this winter has been rough on me too lol i took teddy out for a jog yesterday but he also thinks i am playing once i start running so this is what i did so he would stop. every time  he would bark or try to play i would say no and stop. after 3times of doing that he would let me run for a bit but then would get to excited and run ahead of me. but i dont know if u would like that but for me its sorta like a motivation :) plus then i wouldnt have to worry about tripping over him lol. but i would suggest is work one at a time teaching them that when u take them for a run it is not play time. once they both get it by them selves then i would teach them together such as when they start to get too excited just say no,stop, and be boring. it will take awhile but it is worth it:) we must not forget they are a herding breed and we are going against their instincts


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