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My 13week old hasn't been eating his food regularly the past few days.  I have cut out all treats, scraps, etc. so that he will eat his own dry food (Blue Buffalo chicken and rice for puppies).  I would like for him to eat 2/3 to 3/4 cup daily, but as of now he's maybe eating a 1/2 cup at the most.  I try to feed him when I get up in the morning at 5:30, but he doesn't seem to be hungry.  He's crated from 6-10:30 am, and he doesn't seem to be hungry when I get home at 10:30 then either.  He might eat 1 or 2 bites then walk away.  He is then crated from 2:30-6 pm while I'm back at work. He doesn't want to eat at dinnertime either... Last night around 10:30, he decided he was starving and ate something around 3/4 cup of food! 


Other than that, he refuses to eat out of a bowl.  He will eat off the floor or on a plate.. but only if he feels like it.  Now if I put his food in his Kong, he will eat every morsel.  I want to break him of this habit, because he just needs to learn to eat from a bowl or at least a plate, as I have to refill his Kong 2-3 times during one meal because all the kibble won't fit inside. I've noticed is that he will do anything for cat food (dry or wet) that is left within reach.. He also gobbles down his daily fish oil capsule without problems.


The vet thinks he has allergies so I just started giving him benadryl today.  I don't think he could be allergic to his food because Blue Buffalo is the brand that is recommended for dogs with food allergies. He really seemed to like his food when I bought it for him 2 weeks ago.. but now he just isn't interested. Anybody else have similar problems with their corgi not eating regularly?


Thanks in advance :)

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Do you leave the food bowl down all the time or do you offer it to him for a limited amount of time?

What kind of bowl do you use? Have you tried using a different one? Stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, etc?

Why does you vet think he has allergies? Is he really itchy? A dog can be allergic to any type of food.

I have been leaving it out for him because he won't eat when I put it down and doesn't seem to care if I take it away.  He just eats when he feels like it- even if it's just a nibble or two.  


I have used a glass bowl, a ceramic bowl, a stainless steel bowl, and starting today I am using a plastic one.  He just ate about 20 minutes ago (thank goodness).  He ate his entire serving (1/3 cup).  I tried to give him more but he didn't eat any of it.  


The vet believes he has allergies because I told her that he has been scratching his ears and neck a lot in the last 5-7 days.  He also has been chewing at his front and back paws.  I'm keeping a close eye on him today to see if he reacts to his food or fish oil capsule.  I do know that he got into a pile of fire ants on Sunday while he was outside with my dad, so he could have gotten bitten and had a reaction but I'm not sure.


Thanks for your reply!  I appreciate it!

What I would do is give him 3/4 cup of food twice a day, softened with a little warm water. Leave it down for 20 minutes. If he doesn't eat it, pick it back up. A few missed meals won't hurt him. Picky eaters are made not born. :) Henry was the exact same way as a puppy, but within a week of picking up his food he started eating it right away.


I would definitely keep an eye on his itching. What kind of food was he on previously? Chicken is a more common allergy, so if he continues with the itchies I would probably try switching him to a different protein source.

aha! somebody else told me to pick it up after 20 mins but I didn't want him to starve.  Oh well, I guess he has to learn!


The breeder had been feeding them Purina puppy chow and when I brought him home I was feeding him lamb flavored Wellness but he didn't take to it at all.  So that's why I bought the chicken Blue Buffalo... because the other puppy formula they have is lamb.  If his itching doesn't improve in the next few days with the benadryl I will take him back to the vet.  I didn't know that chicken was a common allergy.. Should I try fish as the protein source?  He loves fish oil capsules as it is now...  Thanks for the helpful advice :)

My dogs love salmon:) Just if you decide to change make sure you transition them with the food and stick with it awhile. Good luck!
I had the same problem with zeus he wouldn't eat either, I was so worried  :( , I had to buy 4 different foods, he finally likes lamb taste of the wild but only if i add  a little wet food to it. He is 18 weeks old and eats 2 cups a day 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon, with a little bit of wet puppy food added about a teaspoonful all mixed into his kibble, that is the only way I can get him to eat, I hope that helps, it seems if u add a little wet food it is more apettizing :)- too funny I just remembered too i used to when he was 12 weeks old and I first got him we used to play a game I would throw a few pieces of kibble to him like a game just to get him ot eat itand he would chase it and gobble it all up lol

I used to mix all kinds of stuff to Henry's kibble to get him to eat...wet food, gravy, treats, broth, switching brands, you name it. I was told to pick up his dish as well, but I thought I just couldn't do that to my poor, starving baby! (yeah right!) Once we decided we were going to get a second dog I started picking up his dish after ~20 minutes, and lo and behold he didn't need all that stuff in his food any more. :)  I know it seems mean but he will get over it.


As far as the allergies, if the itching doesn't go away and it's something that started shortly after changing his food, I personally would try switching it again. I think this is the time of year for seasonal allergies too, but I'm not sure how it is in your area.

Update:  I just fed him 1/3 cup of dry with warm water and he devoured it.  so I gave him another serving... and that was gone too!  I gave him a hard boiled egg left over from Easter (not dyed) and he ate that too!


As for the allergies... he was born and raised in Missouri til 8 weeks old and then shipped to Houston, Texas where I live.  I was born in Missouri too (raised in the Midwest the first 11 years of my life) and the allergens down here are much different than the Midwest, according to my allergist.  So it may be a combination of new allergens and the fact that the seasonal allergies are horrible right now.  I guess he's not too bad, I've caught him chewing one front paw and one back foot a few times today.  He doesn't chew constantly, thank goodness.  The other possibility is he got bit by fire ants... My dad found him in a pile of them this weekend in the backyard.  Their venom is very potent and it is extremely irritating for humans, so it has to be just as bad if not worse for a 10 lb puppy.  We will see how he does over the next few days.


Well after eating, he is very wound up now and I've got to tire him out before bed.  Thanks for all the great advice, I truly appreciate it!

Glad he's eating but be very careful with the people food. Corgis tend to pack on the pounds and people food will add pounds. Dogs do very well on their kibble, as long as it's a good food, and really don't need a lot of variety. Like someone else said, picky eaters are made not born. Stick with what you are feeding him unless you find he's allergic to it. I would bet on the fire ants at this point!

This is just a suggestion and I understand if you do not want to do it...BUT... why not feed him on the floor? If you dont mind giving the floor a little wipe down after meal time I do not see it being a problem. We fed (until we switched to raw) kibble directly on the floor. Bowls and plates are really just a human concept...the dog doesnt care :) The good thing about it too is it forces them to slow down when they eat. I know you are having problems with him eating but once that is resolved he will probably gobble gobble like the other corgis! :) Saying that, my corgis would eat from anything...I am sure if I dumped it in the toilet they would dive in after it! :S


But, floor feeding isnt a bad concept! :)



Sophie has allergies and I give her the benadryl too. If his snout and belly are pinkish then he has allergies. I give her 2 tabs in the am and 2 at dinner time. Before we realized she had allergies, she chewed her feet raw-poor little girl! But the last 2 years have been good! She can not eat anything with corn ingredients either. Reading about Johann's eating habits...I've been in your shoes there too! After trying EVERYTHING we told her that we were going to eat it and yup....she will eat it before anyone else! No matter what room we are in if you tell her someone will eat her food...she will run to it. Then she will also bring some morsels (mouthful) in the living room where we're watching tv and will just drop them and eat one by one-its like she can't be in the kitchen alone eating. She is just toooo cute! Just love her!


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