hi everyone i had some questions about this product. here in SC fleas r TERRIBLE we have seen that after a hike we will have a tick on are socks but none on teddy, thank god! but i was looking at this product after doing some research and found that it also repels mosquito's which i love  but i am concerned because i have never used a topical flea preventive. i have tried confortis but it didnt work so well. i will have him on sentinal for heart worm preventive and i know it stops the development of fleas but like i said the fleas down here do not go down with out a fight. now my concerns are:

 i have two cats that he does chase so they might come in contact of the medication,

also i am so very worried if i buy it and he has a really bad reaction and i cant get him to the vet:(

and im also wondering since right now he weighs 22 pounds at 6 months, do i give the whole medication in one spot or do i split it down his body?

im worried about "weight" it says on the box ex: since hes 22 pounds i get him 20-55pounds. thats why im worried about giving him the whole tube

i know its water proof but i was told that if u use shampoo that i will wash out the medication, is that true?

advice would be greatly appreciated! thank u!!!

p.s. frontline does not work down here at all. the fleas are immune to it

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We use Advantix. You are meant to put it in 3 to 4 spots down the back, NOT on one spot.

It will still work, supposedly, after shampooing, but to be safe, except in emergencies we bathe 2-3 days before the next application date.

The risk to cats is only meant to be if the cat actively grooms the dog. However, to be safe, I have started applying it right before bedtime and locking the cat in another room overnight. This gives it plenty of time to dry, and I feel I'm using an abundance of caution. I also wash my hands after every time I touch the dogs for the first two days or so, and especially before petting the cat. Again, I don't think it's necessary but I'm just using an abundance of caution.

Be aware that some ticks are very small and you would probably not see them on a dense-coated dog like a Corgi. They can also attach in leg creases and the like where you would not really be poking around.

I would just make sure that the first time or two you apply any new product, it's when you will be around for awhile to watch and when you have immediate transportation to the vet available, just in case.
i will make sure i keep a close eye on him, im just so worried, i dont want anything to happen to him. i did make sure he didnt have any ticks but just in case i have a shampoo that gets rid of ticks and fleas. i let it sit on him for about ten mins to make sure it worked properly. and me and my husband check each other over and over to make sure we didnt bring it into the house.

the cats dont groom him but they do play but to be sure i will keep them separated. thank u for the info. did your dogs have any kind of reaction? i know its a slim chance like any product but still, i dont want to harm him
Mine have never had a reaction. They don't even scratch at the spot.

My male is very sensitive to any discomfort on his skin, and he stands quietly for application. If it bothered him, he's one who would grumble loudly at me and snap his teeth in the air a foot away from my hand, and he's never flinched.
I had heard mixed reviews of its overall effectivness but we were desperate last month and bought some from Petsmart. WE had never used any products of this nature, we usually rely on Adams Flea Shampoo and Adams Flea Apray and Advantix was the only thing that got rid of the fleas. After you put it on give it a couple of days before you wet you baby but it basically absorbs into their system and works from the inside out. I am loving this stuff. Great advise about being around so that you can watch for any adverse signs. I was a little freaked about the heartworm med (ivomec) warning but we had no problems.
im glad u didnt have any problems. in Michigan fleas r not bad so i was just using flea shampoo and powders but down here once u get fleas they do not go away unless u have a very strong brand such as k9 advantix and frontline is basically useless down here and that seems to be all my vets sells so i have to go to petco and bye it
I switched Gibson from Frontline Plus to K9 Advantix last fall. I liked it because it was a little cheaper and it is supposed to not only kill fleas and ticks, but repel them AND mosquitos! We haven't had a problem since we've switched, but the real test will be this summer :) I always apply the whole tube on one spot in between his shoulder blades (that is what the instructions say to do).. I've never heard of dropping spots down their back.. It seems like if you do that there is a chance that your dog can accidentally ingest it if they bite themselves (which is why they say to put it somewhere that they can't reach). For baths and swimming.. make sure not to do either at least 2 days before and after application. You want their fur to have some oil on it so the application 'sticks' better :)
Hi Kelly,

If you apply it all in one spot, it may not be as effective OR there is a small chance it can burn the skin. Frontline is applied all on one spot, but Advantix is applied in spots down the back. From their website (which matches package instructions):


"Step 2
Apply product evenly and directly to the skin in three or four spots along the dog's back by squeezing out the tube's contents.(For dogs 20 lbs. or less, apply on one spot.)"

So for small dogs (the tube is smaller), one spot is ok. Perhaps your Gibson weighed under 20 pounds?

Hmm, interesting. I swear my package says to do it between the shoulder blades. I will have to check that.. It still seems like they could bite at it and ingest it if you apply it that low on their back :-/
thank u for the info:) i love the benefits too and seems to be the best product right now. since teddy is over 20 pounds i do have to put it in spots down his back but that ok since he cant itch his back lol (not saying hes fat, hes fit) and i see what u mean about giving bathes, i keep forgetting that there is oil in their fur, not sure y lol how long have u been using this? and i know what u mean about summer time, thats when they really hit!
You might find lots of interesting stuff here:
Joanna Kimball's blog
I read some quite disconcerting things about Comfortis, just anecdotal stuff on the web, but it was enough to discourage me from trying it.
I don't think ANYTHING will keep mosquitoes away from a dog... nothing but a tent with a net or 100%DEET works on myself, and I won't put that on my dog.
We've used Advantage and Advantix. Permethrins. I'd expect bathing to wash this topical insecticide off the skin, so bathe first, then wait maybe 3 days for the sebaceous oils to replenish -- the insecticide, I believe, is oil/fat soluble so the sebaceous oils spread it around the animal's skin. Read the instructions carefully.

Being a sort-of-chemist with 57 years' experience in Amerika, I always assume that a corporation will sell me anything they can get away with, even if it kills me, as long as I'll have a hard-enough time suing them, that they'll conceal known dangers, and that the stuff is quite possibly much more dangerous than I know (think PCBs). I wear nitrile gloves to apply the stuff, I do it in the morning so's they're not immediately crawling onto my bed, I avoid this when I know small children will soon be in our house, and I don't let children pet them for a few days afterwards. I seal the empties in foil for disposal.
I've found Advantage satisfactory for fleas. We use Advantix in spring or when we go east of the mountains to tick country. Lyme disease is not a huge issue out here (Seattle)... yet.
I got a 2mL syringe with a ground-off 18 gauge needle; this allows modulation of the dosage, but this is all that extra handling and I don't recommend it.

Simple housekeeping helps: vacuuming, run bedding through the dryer 20'.
If you have carpets especially, we had good results with an outfit called Fleabusters: ployborate salts, dessicant, not a neurotoxin.
thank you for the info. the blog was pretty interesting. when i used confortis, it worked for a awile but then it was like it wasnt effective any more. fleas are becoming immune to almost every product now. i had a suspicious feeling that it wouldn't repel all the mosquitoes but i thought it would be nice to have more protection against him not getting heart worms. ticks down here are not the problem but i dont wanna be hiking through the woods and not have protection.i want to use powders but i heard that they make your pets very ill so i was worried but i do vacuum everyday, and spray outside for them.
We went from using Advantage to Frontline, back to Advantage and then used K9Advantix. Here in Southern California we have trouble finding anything effective for more than one season. We are now using Comfortis and are very happy with it. It seems to do well against California fleas.

My dogs had no problems with any of the topicals, they are just messy and I suspect it was less effective because some of it would run off the skin and not be absorbed.

We applied Advantix in about 4 spots along his back. I don't think they were able to reach any of the sites where we applied it. We also have 2 cats who did not suffer any ill effects form Advantix being on the dogs.

Good luck! Fighting fleas is a very frustrating game.


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