I got this at a Secret Santa exchange this weekend: http://www.sladestudio.com/1082.html

It's an adorable comic book (books, there are two) about corgis, their fairy friends and the squid-headed monster and robot army that they battle. You read that correctly: corgis vs. robots. I won't spoil the ending. :) If you or anyone on your "Nice" list would enjoy lovely illustrations of a fire-breathing corgi, you should get this.

By the way, I've heard there's a mystery series that features a detective with a corgi- does anyone know what it's called?

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Aw that is so cute! I want to check it out! I always loved the fairy lore behind the corgis background :).
I love the Korgi comics!

Is this the mystery series you were asking about:

These are adorable. Highly recommended.
I love these Korgi books!!

I read a 'mystery' book with a corgi in it called 'Scarlett on the Case', but I don't think it was a series.

There is a series with a corgi in it, although the cat is the main character I believe. It's the Mrs. Murphy series by Rita Mae Brown . The corgi's name is Tucker. I saw the movie but never read the books. It was cute. Is this the series you are looking for?

I'll have to check that other series out that Alice mentioned!!
Corgis vs. robots?? This sounds like a must have.
A preview of one of the Korgi books is a trailer on Youtube:

Already have the Korgi series and I love them. You can really daydream about them if you have a lazy afternoon!
I love the prints....I might just have to order one!!!!! A Christmas present to myself!


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